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Friends of the Humanities

FISCAL YEAR 2015 (November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015)
Arizona Humanities thanks the many donors whose generous support and investment in Arizona’s cultural community makes a difference in the thousands of lives that will be enriched by the humanities.
$5000 and above

Mrs. Sally Shackelford
Papago Salado Association
Warner Angle Hallam Jackson & Formanek, PLC


$1,000  to  $4,999

Ms. Gail Bradley
Mr. Evan Burks
Ms. Judith Hardes
Mr. Randall Rodman Holdridge
Dr. George Justice
Dr. Laurel  & Dr. Bruce Kimball
Mr. Roger & Mrs. Cindy Lidman
Mr. Edgar Olivo
Dr. Maire & Mr. Bob Simington
AB Staffing Solutions, LLC
Arizona Street Railway Museum
SSP America/ Coleman Dahm & Associates
United Way – Valley of the Sun

 $500  to  $999

Mr. Reginald Adams
Mr. Ryan Bruce
Ms. Winifred J. Bundy
Ms. Anne Catherine Doyle
Mr. Arnold & Mrs. Penny Horwitch
Dr. Ruth S. Jones
Mr. Paul & Mrs. Lynette Murphy
Ms. Jaclyn Roessel

 $250  to  $499

Dr. Jay Cravath
Ms. Joyce E. East
Mrs. Marion L. Elliott
Dr. David & Mrs. Virginia Foster
Ms. Carrie Gustavson
Ms. Dianna Soe Myint
Ms. Mary Lu Nunley
Ms. Eshé Pickett
Adelante Foundation
Museum Association of Arizona
Salt River Project – Community Outreach

$100  to  $249

Ms. Andrea Ahmed
Ms. Rebecca Akins
Dr. Barbara Baderman
Mr. Roger Berger
Mr. Charles Henry Bethea
Ms. Gay Chanler
Mr. Thomas Chapman
Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Laurie Christian
Ms. Tina Clark
Ms. Margot Cordova
Ms. Nancy Cutler
Mr. Allen Dart
Ms. Martha Dudley
Mr. Webb Ellis
Dr. Edward R. Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gaspar
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Susan Goldsmith
Ms. Rebecca Grubaugh
Ms. Rita Hamilton
Mr. Jerry Howard
Ms. Lois Kelley
Mrs. Ann Lindner
Ms. Ann-Mary J. Lutzick

$100 to $249 cont.

Ms. Barbara S. Macnider & Mr. Michael A. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Adel Montasir
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Thomas & Barbara Moularo
Ms. Brenda Murphy
Ms. Diana Roy
Ms. Claire K. Sargent
Dr. Dan Shilling
Mr. Keith Shuman
Ms. Shawna Strong-Pierce
Mrs. Brenda Thomson
Mr. David Van Schoyck
Ms. Elaine W. Warner
Mr. David Wilcox
Dr. Thomas H. Wilson
Mr. Arthur H. Wolf
Ms. Holly Young
Culinary Canvas Catering
Helios Education Foundation
Jokake Companies
KBRP – Bisbee Radio Project
Phoenix Police Museum

$50  to  $99

Mr. E. Charles Adams
Ms. Suzanne Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Buchanan
Mr. Henry Buffett, II
Dr. James Burns
Ms. Ursula Casanova
Mr. Michael Chesin
Dr. Nancy Dallett
Mr. Robert Doyle
Ms. Marilyn Duerbeck
Ms. Catherine M. Duggan-Videan
Mr. Ryan Ellis
Ms. Rebecca Erbe
Ms. Judy Finney
Mr. John Franklin

$50 to $99 cont.

Mr. David Holt
Ms. Linda Jensen
Mr. Brian Lawson
Mr. Phong Le
Mr. Norman & Mrs. Rose Levine
Ms. Cindy Lidman & Mr. Jon Kunse
Ms. Denise Lundin
Ms. Barbara Meyerson
Dr. Eduardo Pagán
Mrs. Debora Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. David Schwarz
Mr. Brian & Mrs. Melissa Shackelford
Mr. Alan Stein & Ms. Terry Sue Holpert
Mr. Emerson Yearwood
Casa Grande Valley Historical Society

Up to $49

Mr. David Abbott
Mr. Richard Adkins
Ms. Adele Arellano
Ms. Nancy E. Buell
Ms. Barbara Caldwell
Ms. Cinda Combs
Mr. Malcolm Compitello
Ms. Tiffani Egnor
Mr. and Mrs. Tim & Vallie Ericson
Ms. Marcy Flynn
Mr. Jason Gart
Ms. Carol Gary
Ms. Jill Ginsburg
Dr. Diane Hamilton
Mr. William & Mrs. Emily Jaeger
Dr. Barbara Jaquay
Mr. Gregory Jones
Ms. Jane Kolbe
Mrs. Sarah & Mr. Gerald Kriehn
Ms. Sharon Greenleaf Levin

Up to $49 cont.

Ms. Carolyn OMalley
Ms. Anne J. Owens
Mr. TL Parker
Mr. Albert M. Quihuis
Ms. Kim Redlin
Ms. Judith Register
Mr. Stephen C Reichardt
Mr. Jeffrey D. Ross
Ms. Lisa Schnebly Heidinger
Mr. Ronald James Schott
Ms. Jane Swicegood
Ms. Sharon Torres
Ms. Kathy Trocino
Mr. Carlos Velasco
Ms. Marie Verleure
Ms. Elaine H. Weston
Ms. Brooke Wheeler
Dr. Drexel G.Woodson
Ms. Carole Wray
ASU – Foundation
Diggers Garden Club