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Author + Talks

Author + Talks provide opportunities for lively discussions with local and national authors, scholars, historians, artists, and creative thinkers on a variety of humanities topics and subjects. These programs are free and encourage an environment of learning, reflection, and conversation. Author + Talks can occur anywhere throughout the state but are most often hosted at the Ellis-Shackelford House, home of Arizona Humanities. 


Ellie Hutchison, Programs Manager

602-257-0335 x26 or ehutchison@azhumanities.org.

Upcoming Author + Talks

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Stay tuned for Fall 2017 Author + Talks!

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Spring 2017 Author + Talks

Jana Rivers Norton – Edith Wharton: When Words First Spoke – June 8

Jerry Garcia – Prisoners Without Chains: The Forced Relocation of Japanese Mexicans, 1942-1945 -May 16

Dr. Alan Eladio Gómez – We are the Crisis: Between Freedom Dreams and the Re-Birth of a Nation – April 6

Marlon M. Bailey – Butch Queens Up in Pumps – February 15

Angelina E. Castagno – When whiteness trumps good intentions: Exploring inequity, niceness, and diversity in schools – January 19

2016 Author + Talks

Jan Krulick-Belin – November 2

Dr. Rashad Shabazz – October 13

Elsie M. Szecsy – September 15

Anne A. Wilson – August 23

Robert Isenberg – June 7

Meredith Whiteley – May 20

Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr. – January 21

Truth B. Told – December 5