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K-12 Literacy Initiative

K-12 Literacy Initiative 2022-23

Arizona Humanities believes that building strong literacy skills at an early age is crucial for building a just and civil society. With special funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP), Arizona Humanities is excited to announce a new initiative to launch innovative and engaging literacy programs in K-12 schools in Arizona. This initiative will provide support for literacy programs led by Arizona educators in partnership with K-12 schools and nonprofits that serve Arizona schools.  

We invite program proposals that foster literacy in the humanities, including but not limited to  

  • Reading and discussion programs
  • Storytelling and creative writing
  • Peer-to-peer learning and discussion
  • Cultural learning/sharing  

We especially encourage program proposals that incorporate active engagement with students through opportunities for discussion and reflection. Literacy programs can incorporate history, cultural studies, languages other than English, and other humanities disciplines. We will also accept proposals that combine humanities and STEAM disciplines. If you are unsure about whether your program fosters literacy and engages the humanities, please contact us

We welcome program proposals from teachers in any discipline, school librarians, and administrators. See eligibility below. Literacy programs can target a specific group, class, grade, school, or district.

Arizona Humanities will work with K-12 partners to ensure the success of the literacy programs. We will communicate with K-12 partners regarding the progress of a program and provide assistance as needed, e.g. help inviting a guest author.  At the conclusion of the program, staff will reach out to K-12 partners for a final follow-up to assess impact outcomes via email or phone. 

Access the full Call for Proposals and online application here. Watch the recording of the info session here.


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Watch Info Session

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Eligibility: K-12 institutions and nonprofits that serve K-12 institutions that provide humanities-based literacy programs.

Funding Priorities: Special consideration will be given to programs in public schools, especially Title I schools and those that directly serve traditionally underserved communities. Underserved communities include Black, Latino, and Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other persons of color; members of religious minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) persons; persons with disabilities (e.g. IEP/504); ELL students; persons who live in rural areas; and persons otherwise adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality.

How Funding Is Disbursed: Arizona Humanities will directly cover program costs unless otherwise agreed upon with the K-12 partner. For example, we will disburse honoraria to guest speakers, pay admissions fees, purchase program supplies, which can include but are not limited to:

  • Books
  • Paper, posters, scissors, miscellaneous craft supplies, etc.
  • Audio/visual technology

Amount: Up to $5,000*
*If program costs exceed this amount, please contact us.

Funding Period: June 1, 2022 – June 1, 2023

Deadline for Submissions: April 30, 2022

Read Call for Proposals Here

To submit a proposal: Please submit your program proposal through our online application here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TQRZC85

The online application requires the following:

  • School Bio
  • Program Description
  • Program Impact
  • Timeline
  • Budget Narrative*

Once a proposal is submitted Arizona Humanities staff may reach out to discuss details or ask clarifying questions. Please note that this is a competitive process, and not every program will be funded.

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2022

Apply Here!

*Arizona Humanities staff will review program budgets to determine items eligible for funding. Activities that are not eligible for support include the following:

  • Overlapping project costs with any other pending or approved application(s) for federal funding and/or approved federal awards
  • Standard curriculum costs and materials
  • Cancellation costs
  • Equipment costs in excess of 20% of total project costs
  • Travel (both foreign and domestic)
  • Construction, purchase of real property, major alteration and renovation
  • Environmental sustainability projects (water way clean-up)
  • Collections acquisition
  • The preservation, organization, or description of materials that are not regularly accessible for research, education, or public programming
  • Promotion of a particular political, religious, or ideological point of view
  • Advocacy of a particular program of social or political action
  • Support of specific public policies or legislation
  • Lobbying

Virtual Info Session: March 30, 2022 at 4:00pm

Deadline for Submissions: April 30, 2022

Funding Period: June 1, 2022 – June 1, 2023

Info Session: Learn more about the K-12 literacy initiative in our virtual info session: webinar recording here.

Have questions?

Samantha Anderson, sanderson@azhumanities.org, 602-257-0335 x 25

Julianne Cheng, jcheng@azhumanities.org, 602-257-0335 x 26

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