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The humanities ignite my imagination and help me understand my world. -Program Attendee in Kingman, Arizona

Your gift provides opportunities for Arizonans to explore, share and experience our rich cultural heritage.

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The humanities are the ideas and the knowledge about human history and cultures that help us make sense of our lives. The humanities inspire curiosity and vision, and encourage us to think imaginatively and critically.
Why are the humanities important? The humanities expand our sense of community, and enrich our understanding of one another and the world. We believe our society is stronger when everyone is welcome in the world of ideas.

An investment in Arizona Humanities is an investment in community, ideas and democracy. Did you know that during the past year our AZ Speaks presenters gave over 300 talks in rural and urban communities? Arizona children and teens love to read. We were able to distribute thousands of free books, and introduce kids to local authors and illustrators at our Hop Skip and Jump into Reading program. We launched FRANK Talks and people came out to talk about current issues, elections, community and police relations, media and free speech and more. Arizonans care about their state and the state of the world. These are just a few of the humanities happenings that have encouraged new perspectives, ignited compassion, and fostered understanding.

Donate today and be a part of creating an Arizona that uses the humanities to achieve a deeper understanding of the past, a clearer analysis of the present, and a stronger view of the future.


The humanities make you discover the world, feel close to other people, and embrace differences. -Program attendee in Patagonia, Arizona

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