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Name (Prefix)Name (First)Name (Last)Institution and Department or Unit NameCurrent TitleEmail AddressPhoneHumanities Scholar Qualifications (Degree(s)/Tribal Affiliation) Keywords to Identify Scholars' Fields of Study/Areas of Expertise
Mr.ErnestoAbeytiaArizona State UniversityFaculty 615-5893M.F.A. Creative Writing, Poetry; M.A. English; M.A. Anglo/North-American Cultural and Literary StudiesCreative Writing; Literary Studies; Poetry; Poetics; Film Studies; Literature; Spanish-English Translation; Codeswitching
Dr.JoniAdamsonArizona State University Professor of Environmental 592-7868Ph.D. English Food Justice and Sovereignty; Indigenous and Southwest American Ethnobiology and Food Systems
Dr. GrantAdamsonUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Visiting Assistant Professor (832) 370-1935 PhD, MA, BA in biblical, religious, comparative, and classical studies New Testament and early Christianity, Platonic tradition, Popular religion in the Greco-Roman world, Papyrology, Bible and modernity
Dr. Lisa AdeliUniversity of Arizona - Center for Middle Eastern StudiesDirector of Educational 621-5450Ph.D. History; M.A. History; M.A. Applied Linguistics; B.S. Foreign ServiceEducation; Producing high-quality programs for K-14 educators; Modern Balkan History; Middle Eastern History
Ms.EricaAlexanderChandler-Gilbert CC & ASUAdjunct 305-4892M.Ed. Educational LeadershipMulticultural Education; Diversity and Inclusion; Cultivating Cultural Competency; Educational Disparities/Achievement Gaps; Character Education
Dr.LaurenAllsoppArizona State UniversityFaculty 965-5778Ph.D. Architecture; M.S. Historic PreservationHistoric Preservation; Historic Architecture; Material Conservation; Historical Documentation
Dr. WatheqAlobaidiMuslim Community Center of Tucson 302-1325Ph.D. Arabic; MCJ; B.A. Islamic ScienceReligion - Islam
DorothyAmiMuseum of Northern ArizonaHopi/Tewa 401-1102Hopi/TewaHopi/Tewa Potter; Natural Pigments; Hopi Pottery Symbols; Traditional Firing
Dr. KeithAndersonMesa Community College-Red Mountain Campus Full-Time Residential Faculty in English, Humanities, Education, and Game (480) 529-8505Ph.D. Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies, M. F. A., Creative WritingComparative Literature, Creative Writing, Education, English, Fiction, Game Studies, Humanities, Storytelling
Prof.RosiAndrade University of Arizona, Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW) Associate Research Professor (520) 626-5908Ph.D. in Reading; B.A. Italian/Psychology; Minor Chicana Literatue Humanities in social and behavioral sciences
Dr. Akua DukuAnokyeArizona State UniversityAssociate (602) 543-6020Ph.D. Linguistics and FolkloreAfrican American Storytelling; African American Literature; Ghanaian Folklore
Dr.DalilaAyounUniversity of Arizona, Department of French & Italian Full Professor of French Linguistics and SLAT (520) 621-3720 M.A. International Studies, Ph.D. French Linguistics French linguistics, second language acquisition, foreign language pedagogy
Dr. NoéBadillo Pima Community College, Visual Arts Department Adjunct (480) 207-9031 Yaqui and Zapotec - PhD History and Theory of Architecture, with a minor in Asian Art, Arizona State University; MA in Art History, University of Arizona; BFA Studio Art, University of Arizona History of architecture; theory of architecture; history of art; theory of art; Renaissance history; Baroque history; Italian architecture; Guarino Guarini; Early Modern treatises. 255-2211M.A. Cultural Anthropology/Southwestern Archaeology; HopiHopi; Cultural Resource Management; Archaeology; Indigenous History; Cultural Landscapes; Traditions
Dr.DeniseBatesArizona State University, Interdisciplinary Studies ProgramAsst. 986-3838Ph.D. History, M.S. American Indian StudiesAmerican Indian History; Tribal-Nation Building; Tribal-State Relationships; Native Leadership and Activism
Dr. LawrenceBellArizona Jewish Historical SocietyExecutive 241-7870Ph.D. HistoryJewish History; Latin American History; World History; Arizona History
Dr.VolkerBenkertArizona State University, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious StudiesAssistant 236-1992Ph.D. HistoryGerman and European History, German-Jewish History
Ms.Elena DíazBjorkquistUniversity of Arizona Research AssociateSIROW 760-3279M.A. in Political Science and EducationChicano Studies, History, Oral History, Chicano History
Dr. MichaelBoringEstrella Mountain Community College -Division of Communication and Cultural Studies Philosophy Professor (623) 451-3197 Ph.D. in Philosophy Phenomenology, Existentialism, Deconstruction, Philosophy of Religion, History of Philosophy, Ethics, Logic
Joshua BorthsArizona OperaEducation 706-6611M.M. Opera Production; B.M. Voice Performance/Opera Directing; B.M. MusicologyOpera; Music as the Means to Tell a Story
Dr. ToddBostwickVerde Valley Archaeology CenterDirector of Archaeology (480) 786-1556Ph.D. History; M.A. Anthropology Southwest Archaeology; Arizona Archaeology; Arizona History; native American Culture; Hohokam Culture; Sinagua Culture
CarineBourget Univeristy of Arizona, Department of French & Italian Professor 621-7227 Ph.D. French French and Francophone Studies, Islam in Literature and Cinema, Islam in France
Prof.ElizabethBrakeArizona State University, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious StudiesAssociate 965-5778Ph.D. PhilosophyEthics, Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Sex and Love
Ms. Victoria Brandenburg Paradise Valley Community College Residential Faculty (602) 787-6566 MA EnglishEnglish Composition, English Literature
Dr. MargaretBrosnahanMidwestern University College of Veterninary ScienceAssociate Professor of Equine 742-7225B.A. History, M.A. Medical HumanitiesMedical Humanities; History of Veterinary Medicine; Veterinary Humanities; Animals and Society; Narrative Medicine; History of Science
Dr.KeithBrownArizona State University - Melikian Center: Russian, Eurasian, and East European StudiesDirector, 316-9697 Ph.D. AnthropologyUS and World History, Anthropology, East Europe, Central Asia
Dr. Jason BrunerArizona State University Assistant Professor of Religious 823-7549Ph.D. History of Christianity; M.T.S. History of Christianity; B.A. Spanish and Religious StudiesHistory of Religion and Culture in East Africa; History of Christianity; Impact of Religion on the Study of Genocide
Ms.AlisonBuntingEmpire Ranch FoundationArchivist/ 455-4657M.A. Library ScienceHistory of Empire Ranch, History of Southeastern Arizona, Ranching Archives, Oral History, Medical Librarianship
TonyBurrellSan Xavier Districtelder in the Wa:k 349-4323elderWa:k Sobaipuri O'odhamculture; oral history
Jason CarneyPhoenix Film FoundationExecutive 309-6848film narrative and documentary
Dr.SteveCarolMesa Community 585-7841Ph.D. HistoryUS History; Cold War; World Wars of the Twentieth Century; Modern Middle East; Arab-Israeli Conflict; Terrorism
Dr.Matthew PeterCaseyArizona State University, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious StudiesLecturer of 903-2817Ph.D. Latin American History, M.A. Religious StudiesReligions of the Americas, Latin American History, Religion and Politics
Dr.Monica CasperUniversity of Arizona, Gender and Women's Studies (520) 621-1112 Ph.D. Sociology; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Bioethics Cultural studies, Disability studies, Feminist studies, Trauma studies, Bioethics, Creative nonfiction, Qualitative sociology
Dr.AngelinaCastagno Northern Arizona University Associate Professor (801) 856-9509Ph.D. Educational Policy Studies; M.A. Educational Policy Studies; B.A. PhilosophyAnthropology of Education; Educational Foundations; Critical Race Theories; Indigenous Education; Whiteness
Dr.Giuseppe CavatortaUniversity of Arizona - Department of French and Italian Associate Professor; Director of Italian Basic Language (520) 621-7349 PH.D. Italian experimental writings, Italian Futurism and the Neo-Avant-Garde, the Second World War in literature and film, theory & practice of translation, second language acquisition,
Dr.ChangfuChangMillersville University of PennsylvaniaProfessor/ 871-7285Ph.D. Mass Communications Film Director/Producer/Writer
Dr.HuaiyuChenArizona State University, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious StudiesAssociate 965-2016Ph.D. ReligionBuddhism, Chinese Religions, Chinese Intellectual History
Dr. NaliniChhetriArizona State UniversityAssistant Director, School for the Future of Innovation in 727-0745Ph.D. Educational Policy Studies; M.S. Cyto-GeneticsGlobal Sustainability; Climate Change
Dr.AndrewChristensonSmoki Museum of American Indian Art & 308-5758Ph.D. AnthropologyPrescott Culture; Ceramics; History of Archaeology
PatriciaClarkArizona State University Associate Professor of Media 518-3670M.F.A. Intermedia; B.F.A. Drawing Video; Interactive Media Installations and Performance; Digital Prints; Experimental Documentary
Prof.AlbrechtClassenUniversity of Arizona, Department of German Studies 621-1395Ph.D. German Studiesmedieval lit., feminism, ecocriticism, pre-modern studies, Baroque, Renaissance, Reformation, interdisciplinary literary studies, medievalism, medieval culture and history, women's studies, xenology
Dr. Brandon CleworthGlendale Community College/Humanities and Fine Arts 305-0521Ph.D. Religious Studies Theories of Religion; Medieval Studies; Holocaust Studies
Prof.JulieCodellArizona State 405-2940Ph.D. Comparative Literature, M.A. Art History, M.A. EnglishArt history; European 19th Century Culture; British Empire; India in the 19th Century; The press in the 19th Century; Transatlantic Cultural Exchanges, Film of the US, India, and Europe.
Dr.SoniaColinaThe University of Arizona Professor, Director (520) 621-3123 Spanish Linguistics (Phonology, Translation Studies)Spanish Phonology, Spanish Language, Linguistics, Translation Pedagogy, Translation Teaching, Translation Quality, Translation in Global Research
Dr.MalcomCompitelloUniversity of Arizona Spanish and Portuguese Professor and Head (520) 405-0562 PhD Indiana University Spanish Ma Spanish St. Johns UniversityModern and Contemporay Spain and Spanish Literature and Culture, The Study of Spanish, Hispanic Literature, The Future of the Humanities, Digital Humanities
CleaConlin University of Arizona - Center for Latin American StudiesProgram Coordinator, 626-0189M.A. Latin American Studies; B.A. Latin American Studies and Spanish and Portuguese Latin American Studies, Border Studies, Border History, U.S.-Mexico Relations, Spanish, and Portuguese. 
Dr.WillCordeiro Northern Arizona University, Honors College Senior Lecturer (702) 419-2849 M.S., Education (Brooklyn College); MFA, Creative Writing (Cornell University); M.A. and Ph.D., English Language and Literature (Cornell University) Literature, Creative Writing, Long 18th Century, Poetry, Drama, Playwriting, Performance Art, Performance Studies, Feminist Studies, Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, Transgender Studies, Television and Film Studies, Experimental Writing, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Critical Geography, Arts Management, Rhetoric and Composition, Medical Rhetoric, Deserts, Anarchy, Utopias and Dystopias, Pedagogy in Higher Education, Interdisciplinary Humanities Scholarship, Editing and Publishing, Satire and Parody, Philosophy, Critical Theory, Journalism, Environmental Humanities and Climate Narratives
Dr.RobertCoteUniversity of Arizona, College of Humanities, Writing Skills Improvement Program Director (520) 488-4738 PhD Second Language Acquisition and Teaching; MS TESOL Second Language Writing, Peer Review, ESL/EFL Pedagogy, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Tutoring, Program Administration, Special Needs
Dr.MichaelCothrenSwarthmore CollegeScheuer Family Professor of Humanities & Professor of Art 328-8118Ph.D. Art HistoryArt; Medieval Art; Native American Art
Prof.JohnCoughlinGlendale Community College Residential (623) 845-4845M.A. History; M.C. Counseling African American History; United State History; History of Slavery; Caribbean History; History of Caribbean Piracy
Dr.JohnCraftArizona State University 206-0366Ph.D. Mass Communication, M.A. BroadcastingMedia; Mass Media; Media and Society; Philosophy of Communication; New Media; Media History; Broadcasting; Radio; Television; Newspaper
Reuben CruzN/ 747-2700Piipaash/Quechan (Gila River Indian Community)Poetry; Creative Writing; Musician
Dr.MariaCruz-TorresArizona State University Associate Professor 837-4505Ph.D. Anthropology; B.S. Marine BiologyCultural Anthropology; Environmental Anthropology, Applied Anthropology: Economic Anthropology; Gender and Globalization; Sustainability and the Environment; Political Ecology
JerryCurleyGila River Indian 293-5461M.S. Education; B.S. Education; NavajoNavajo; Navajo Railroad Workers; Experience in Museum Exhibit Design
Heather CurryArizona State UniversityAssistant 297-5540Ph.D Communications Studiescommunication, philosophy, urban studies
StevenDardenMuseum of Northern ArizonaArtist and Navajo Historian 527-3889Navajo, CheyenneArtist; Navajo Historian
AllenDartOld Pueblo Archaeology CenterExecutive 603-6181M.A. Anthropology; B.A. Anthropology Archaeology the Southwest; Emphasis on Southern Arizona
CoryDavisUniversity of Arizona, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies Graduate Teaching 933-9991M.A. History; Ph.D. Radical Reformation in Germany (in Progress)Radical Reformation in Germany; Reformation History
Mr. RyanDavisFlipSwitch, Inc.Senior Curriculum Manager for the 828-1380M.Ed. Curriculum/Instruction; M.A. American HistoryCultural and Intellectual History; Standards-based Curriculum Development and Design; U.S. History Primary Source Analysis; Deep Mapping; Interdisciplinary Analysis.
CaroleDe CosmoArizona Farm and Ranch Experience Executive Director (623) 695-9614 Masters in Higher and Adult Education Adult Education, Arizona History, Arizona Quilt History, Arizona Farming and Ranching History
Ms. LiliDeBarbieriThe History 577-5971Masters in Library and Information ScienceArt History; Film; History; Travel
Dr.Grace Peña DelgadoUniversity of California, Santa CruzAssociate Professor of History 459-2738Ph.D. History; C.Phil History; M.A. HistoryNorth American Border-Making Processes; Chinese in the Americas; Sexuality and Morals Policing; Diasporas and Transnationalism; Nationalism
Dr.Matt DelmontArizona State UniversityProfessor and Director of ASU School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious 261-3762Ph.D. American Studies; African-American History; Urban History; History of Education; Popular Culture and Media Studies; Comparative Ethnic Studies
Ms.Alison HawthorneDemingUniversity of ArizonaAgnese Nelms Haury Chair of Environment and Social 626-0799M.F.A in PoetryPoetry; Essay
Dr.BruceDingesArizona Historical Society Director of 617-1160Ph.D. US History; M.A. US History; B.A. US History Civil War and Frontier Military History; Arizona and Southwest History and Literature
Dr. JenniferDonahue University of Arizona Africana Studies Assistant Professor (520) 621-5665 Ph.D Literature Caribbean and post-colonial literature, Anglophone African literature, African American literature and culture, Caribbean folklore, Gender, bodies, and sexuality, Cultural politics of reproduction, Women’s literature and feminist theory
Dr. Jeffrey DownardNorthern Arizona UniversityAssociate Professor of 523-8354J.D. Law; Ph.D. Philosophy; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Philosophy and Zoology Ethics, Aesthetics & Philosophy of Law
DoreenDuncanYellow Bird Productions - Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation of North DakotaManager Yellow Bird 695-2478B.A. Education Ambassador of Authentic Native American Culture; Authentic Native American Dance
Dr.Alain-PhilippeDurandUniversity of Arizona Director, School of International Languages/Literatures and 621-5452Ph.D. French Literature; M.A. Latin American Studies; M.A. French Literature; B.A. French, Spanish and Business Administration Contemporary Novel; French Cinema; Hip Hop Culture; Cultural and Literacy Theory and Criticism
Dr. PeterEckeUniversity of Arizona, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, German Studies Professor (520) 621-3202 Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition & Teachingbilingualism, multilingualism, second language acquisition
Prof.LarryEdmondsArizona State UniversityLecturer/Honors 434-2357M.A. Human Communication; Ph.D. Progress in Educational Leadership and InnovationPerformance Studies; Education; Communication
Mr.JamesEdmondsArizona State University, Religious StudiesPh.D. 370-3794M.A Religious Studies, Ph.D. Candidate Religious StudiesIndonesia, Religion, Islam, Anthropology of Religion, Media and Religion, Lived Religion, Southeast Asia, Islamic Studies, Asian Studies, Sufism, Materiality, Affect Theory, Postcolonial Theory
Dr. SteveElliot Arizona State University, Center for Gender Equity in Science and TechnologyPostdoctoral Researcher (480) 965-6438 MA-Philosophy; PhD Biology and Society Philosophy of Science; Society and Biology
Dr.MarkElsonSchool of Anthropology, University of ArizonaAdjunct Associate 881-2244Ph.D. Anthropology (Archaeology)Archaeology of the U.S. Southwest; Archaeology of Disasters
JimEnoteA:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage 782-4403B.S. Agriculture; ZuniZuni Culture; Land and Water Conservation; Protection of Native Cultures; Zuni Language, Religion, History, and World Views
JimEnoteA:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage 980-2553Zuni TribeConservation, Zuni Culture, Anthropology
Prof.BetsyFahlmanArizona State UniversityProfessor of Art 965-2610Ph.D. Art HistoryArt History of Arizona; American Art; Art of the American West; Public Art; Museums; Women Artists
LisaFalkArizona State Museum, University of ArizonaHead-Community 626-2973MAT Museum Education; B.A. Sociology - AnthropologyOral History, Museum Exhibits and Programming, multicultural education, community collaborative programming, folklife, arts & humanities integration
RayaFandTucson Area Wiccan-Pagan Network (TAWN) 622-8462M.A. English; B.A. AnthropologyRepresentative of the Wiccan Religion
Mr.DanFellnerArizona State UniversityFaculty 326-3756M.A. JournalismJournalism
Dr. Grace Fielder Russian & Slavic Studies/ Second Language Acquisition & Teaching University of Arizona Professor (520) 621-7981 Ph.D Slavic Linguistics Language and Identity, Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Semiotics, Balkans
Dr.AnitaFonteCommnunity RenaissancePrincipal Consultant (520) 331-5582Ph. D. Education (Language and Culture)Minor in Rhetoric; M.S. Adult Education; B.A. English Literature storytelling; public dialogue; pedagogy; multicultural education and learning; ethnography
Travis FranksArizona State University - Department of EnglishGraduate Teaching 466-3940M.A. Literature; B.A. History and English; Ph.D. Literature (in Progress)Comparative Multiethnic Studies; Indigenous Studies; Settler Colonialism; Decolonial Theories and Methods
LucretiaFreeThe Vail VoicePublisher 490-0654M.B.A. Business Administration; B.S. MarketingMarketing Research; Principles of Marketing; Public Relations
Dr.YanaraFriedlandUniversity of Arizona SouthPh.D. 725-8112M.A. Migration Studies; Ph.D in Literature and Creative Writingmigration studies, creative writing, poetry, fascism
Dr.PaulFriedmanUniversity of KansasProfessor 282-1541Ph.D. Speech CommunicationRhetoric, Drama, Leadership, Conflict Resolution
Dr. CourtneyFriesenUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Assistant (520) 621-1765 PhD, Classical and Near Eastern Studies Greek Language and Literature; New Testament and Early Christianity
RonGarnanezDine Be' Iina Inc.Culture & History 716-7580NavajoFiber Artist; Shepherd; Navajo Culture Educator
Prof.Donald G.GodfreyCronkite School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationProfessor 926-8012Ph.D. Speech Communication, M.S. Telecommunication and JournalismMedia; Media History; Media Pioneers; Media Criticism
Dr.MatthewGoodwinNorthern Arizona 380-1682Ph.D. Philosophy; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Philosophy and EnglishPhenomenology, Aesthetics, 20th Century Philosophy, Asian Philosophy
Dr.RebeccaGordonNorthern Arizona University Lecturer (503) 351-0142 PhD, Indiana University, English/American Studies and Film Studies Minor Multiethnic US literature; Film Studies & History, including star studies, genre studies, and bioregional cinema; Native American Ethnohistory, and a new research area: the Indian Arts and Crafts Board overseen by the Dept of the Interior, its history and forays over the 20th-21st centuries
Dr.SumayyaGrangerUniversity of Arizona Center for English as a Second Langauge Associate Director of Program Administration; Assistant 621-1362 PhD Linguistics; M.A. Linguistics Language Acquisition, Intercultural Competence, Learner Autonomy
Dr.BrianGrattonASU History (Retired)Professor of History, 300-9379Ph.D. in American HistoryAmerican History
Prof.MonicaGreenArizona State UniversityProfessor of 965-5778Ph.D. History of ScienceHistory of Medicine, European History, Medieval History, Global History, History of Global Health. - Note: I do the global history of plague, and am therefore happy to consult at any time about why the "medieval" disease of plague is found here in Arizona.
RobertGrovesUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Assistant (310) 666-7602 Ph.D, Classics Greek and Latin literature, Ancient Multilingualism, Modern Performance of Ancient Drama, and Classical Reception in American Drama
Dr.ConstanceHacklerAcademic Consulting & Research LLCConstance@AcademicCR.comM.A Translation and Interpreting; Ph.D Education Policy, Organization, and Leadershiplanguage policy, bilingual education, second language acquistion, Latin American Studies, translation theory, Spanish dialects
Prof.JohnHansenMohave Community College, Department of English Professor (928) 692-3028 M.A. English Literature; B.A. English American Literature, British Literature, Middle English, Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Nonfiction, Poetry
Dr.LisaHardyNorthern Arizona University, Department of AnthropologyAssociate 206-3628Ph.D. and M.A. in AnthropologyCommunity-engaged Research, health and wellness, urban anthropology (studies of economic inequality and gentrification), narrative medicine; home health
Dr.Lauren HarrisArizona State UniversityAssistant 846-6477Ph.D. Educational Studies (Emphasis in History Education); M.ED. Secondary Social Studies in Education; B.A. HistoryK-12 Education; Connecting Work Done in Universities to High School Classrooms; Professional Development Workshops for Teachers
Dr.AaronHessArizona State University-Downtown PhoenixAssistant Professor of Rhetoric and 496-0652Ph.D Rhetoric and Communicationpublic advocacy, narrative theory, ethnography, digital media studies
Ms.Amanda Hetro Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum Curator of Education & Collections (520) 432-7071 M.A. HistoryPublic History, Bisbee History, Arizona History, Education
Dr.PaulHirtArizona State UniversityProfessor of History and 404-6392Ph.D. HistoryAmerican West; Global Environmental History; Environmental Policy and Sustainability Studies
GiancarloHuapayaCardboard House PressEditorial 760-4305post-graduate degree in Arts Administrationpoetry, literary criticism, Latin American literature, spanish
KahlilHudsonMetal Road / Aboriginal LensDirector of 974-4094M.F.A.; TlingitFilm; Photography
MarcieHutchinson Arizona State University, SHPRSDirector of K-12 363-6429M.A. History; B.A. Secondary Education (Social Studies) History; Secondary Education; Connecting Secondary Educators to ASU Education Projects
SanoraIsaacTuba City Unified School District #15Principal 209-0584M.A. Educational Leadership; NavajoDine Educator and Leader; Fluent Navajo Speaker
Dr.JoelaJacobsUniversity of Arizona, Department of German Studies Assistant Professor of German (520) 621-1841 PhD, Germanic Studies; MA, German and English German language, literature, and culture; German-Jewish literature; Environmental Humanities, especially literary plant and animal studies
Dr. BarbaraJaquayIndependent 670-1129Ph.D. Historical GeographyHistory; Geography; Land Use
Dr.JaniceJarrettVocal Technique Studio and 888-2690Ph.D. Ethnomusicology, M.A. World Music, B.A. Music, Voice & CompositionMusic; Music in Cultures; Music and the Brain; Healing, Creativity & Math
Dr.BenjaminJensUniversity of Arizona, Department of Russian & Slavic StudiesAssistant 626-1404Ph.D. Slavic Languages and LiteratureEastern Europe, Russian Literature, Eastern European Cinema, Eastern European Science Fiction, Eastern Orthodoxy, Soviet Literature and Cinema
JosephJoaquinTohono O'odham Nation Cultural Affairs Office; Tohono O'odham Nation 383-3622B.A. Education; Tohono O'odham NationTohono O’odham Cultural Affairs Advocacy; Tribal Cultural Sensitivity Training; Tribal, State, and Federal Legislative Lobbying for Tribal Archaeological Collections Integrity
Jennifer JosephMuseum of Northern ArizonaHopi Cultural Educator/Language 637-3828AFA Institute of American Indian Arts; Hopi Hopi History, Culture and Traditions
Jennifer JuanTohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & MuseumMuseum 383-0200Tohono O'odham NationMuseum Studies
RoyKadyDine be iina Inc./Navajo LifewayMaster Sheep Herder/Fiber 330-4816DineMaster Sheep Herder; Fiber Artist
MitraKamali Cultural Ambassador, Artist, Engineer (480) 334-5764 B.S. Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana, State University Scottsdale Community College, Liberal Arts Water Culture; Creativity; Empathy; Inclusion; Storytelling; Cultural Studies; Ancient Persian History; Human Rights; First Declaration Cyrus Cylinder; Languages; Symbolism; Women Rights; Persian Women Poets; African American Women Scientists
Prof.Susan Karant-NunnUniversity of Arizona, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies Regents' Professor of History 621-1284Ph.D. History; M.A. Medieval & Early Modern European History; B.A. Religion Early modern Europe; Reformation History
Monica D.KetchumArizona Western 344-7646M.A. HistoryArizona borderlands history, Yuma and La Paz counties history
Ms.RulaKhalidiMuslim Community Center of Tucson 275-5230M.S. International Extension Education; B.S. Nursing; B.S. HorticultureHistory of Islam; Women and Islam
Sat Bir KaurKhalsaCulture of Peace Alliance 490-1165M.A. Women's StudiesSikh Minister; Women's Studies
Prof.FrederickKieferUniversity of ArizonaProfessor of 396-0987Ph.D. EnglishShakespeare
Dr.LazzKinnamonUniversity of Arizona - College of (912) 222-2739 PhD, Gender and Women's Studies and English Literature Gender, Women’s and Sexuality studies; history of racial capitalism; Science and Technology Studies; history of social movements; critical theory; psychoanalysis; queer theory, trans studies; feminist theory; attention and perception; Marxism; cultural studies; performance studies; affect theory
Ms. JaniceKleinMuseum Association of ArizonaExecutive 310-9798M.A. History; Ph.D. (ABD) AnthropologyMuseum Studies; Anthropology; Archaeology; History
Ms. ErinKoester TusellThe Hills School & 952-2616M.A. Native American Studies, B.A. Art History, Certificate of Professional PhotographyAmerican Indian Studies; American Studies; History of Photography
Dr.RobertKraftEastern Michigan UniversityEmeritus 487-1849Ph.D. English Language and LiteratureEducational Pedagogy
Prof.BjornKrondorferMartin-Springer Institute, Northern Arizona UniversityDirector and Endowed 523-5029Ph.D. Comparative Religious StudiesReligious Fundamentalism; History and Memory of Holocaust; Postwar Germany; Historical Trauma; Reconciliation and the Arts; Religion and Gender
Gerald LambPh.D 419-8122M.A. Historyglobal comparative history, public history, museums
Dr.Lise LeibacherThe University of Arizona Professor of French (520) 299-8727 PhD. French Studies French literature and culture of the seventeenth century. Cultural and gender studies (17th-18th c.). Early-modern and feminist utopias/utopianism. Libertinism and politics. Medical, confessional and literary discourses on gender and sexuality. Travel literature and colonial writing
KathrynLeonardArizona State Historic Preservation Office State Historic Preservation Officer (480) 290-2118 M.A. Anthropology and History Anthropology; Archaeology; American History ; Western History; Historic Preservation
Dr.KarenLeongArizona State University - School of Social Transformation Associate Professor; Head of Faculty, APAS 965-6936Ph.D. History; M.A. History; B.A. HistoryHistory; Women and Gender Studies; Asian Pacific American Studies; History of U.S. Immigration; Ethnicity; Gender, Race, and Nation
RichardLermanArizona State University Professor Media and Digital 543-6036M.F.A. Film/Theater Arts; B.A. Music Film/Theater; Music; Composition; Film/Video; Installation and Performance Art
Jennifer LindeArizona State UniversitySenior 740-4020civil communication, speech practices, civility within groups and organizations, Civil Dialogue
Dr.JoeLockardArizona State UniversityAssociate 820-5952Ph.D. EnglishAmerican Literature; African American Literature; Prison Literature
Prof.UteLotz-HeumannUniversity of Arizona, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies Heiko A. Oberman 626-9193Ph.D. History; Habilitation in History (Germany); Staatsexamen [equivalent to M.A.] in History and English (Germany)Early modern Europe; Reformation History
ColleenLuceroThe Hopi Harvey ProjectProject 734-2550B.F.A. Museum Studies; HopiMuseum Collections and Exhibits; The Hopi Harvey Project
Dr.ColleenLuceyUniversity of Arizona, Department of Russian and Slavic Studies Assistant (713) 907-0664 PhD in Slavic Languages and Literature Russian literature, Russian theatre history and performance, gender studies, visual culture
Dr. LindaLumsdenUniversity of ArizonaAssociate 243-0533Ph.D. Mass Communication; M.A. Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism; B.A. SociologyMass Communication; Journalism History; Women's Journalism History; Progressive Era; American Women's Suffrage History
Ms.Ann-MaryLutzickOld Trails Museum/Winslow Historical 289-5861MA History/Public HistoryHistory; Fred Harvey History; Winslow History; Nonprofit Management
Kate MacCordArizona State University Project Coordinator 727-8681M.Phil. Anthropology History and Philosophy of Developmental Biology; Anthropology
Dr.Joshua MacFadyenArizona State University Assistant 965-2429Ph.D. HistoryEnvironmental History; Sustainability
Dr. ChristineMarinArizona State UniversityProfessor Emeritus Arizona State 834-3833Ph.D. HistorySouthwest History; Arizona History; Mexican American/Latino and Latina History of Arizona; Social History of Copper Mining Towns in Arizona
David J. (Sandy)MarshallUniversity of ArizonaVisiting Assistant 499-6510Ph.D. Geography; M.A. Near Eastern StudiesGeography, digital storytelling, photography, geo-humanities
Dr. Adriana Martinez Arizona State University - Herberger Institute, School of Music Faculty Associate (443) 350-5818 Ph.D Musicology United States, Mexico, Latin America, U.S.-Mexico Border, Classical Music, Popular Music, Folk Music
Ken SMcAllister University of Arizona | Department of Public & Applied Humanities Professor and Associate Dean of (520) 664-6967 Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Rhetoric Rhetoric, Critical Technology Studies, New Media Studies, Video Game Studies, Computer Game Studies, Digital Archives, Digital Humanities, Grant Funded Research
Dr.SarahMcCallumUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Assistant (617) 999-9575 Ph.D. Classics; M.A. Classics; B.A. Classical Languages Latin language and literature, Republican and Augustan periods, Ancient Greek language and literature, ancient literary tradition
KenMcCownIowa State University Chair, 620-3539M.Arch. Architecture; B.A. Landscape ArchitectureInfrastructure and the Factors that Create an Identity of Place
Ms.SakenyaMcDonaldPrescott CollegeDoctoral 491-9944M.A. HumanitiesWorld Religions, Religion and Sustainability, Religion and Gender, Decolonization, Ecofeminism
Dr.JoanMcGregorArizona State UniversityProfessor of 432-2664Ph.D. PhilosophyBioethics; Environmental Ethics; Sustainability; Legal Philosophy; Ethics of Emerging Technologies, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science
Ms. TammieMcKenzieMalone UniversityDirector of 471-8226MFA ActingTheater; Acting
Mr.GregoryMcNameeSonora 615-7955M.A. EnglishLiterature; Folklore
Mr.JamesMcPhersonArizona Preservation FoundationBoard 418-7807M.A. Public Administration (Specialization in Historic Preservation Administration)Historic Preservation; Adaptive Reuse; Downtown Phoenix
Dr. MadalinaMeirosu Arizona State University - School for International Languages and Cultures Assistant Professor (413) 923-1787 MA Communication and PR; MA Comparative literature; PhD Comparative Literature Medical Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Disability Studies, Global Politics, Environmental Studies, Literature, Language Teaching
Dr. MaryMelcherSharlot Hall Museum Education Program 45-3122, ext. 29Ph.D. HistoryAmerican History; Women's History; American West History; Oral Histories; Museum Exhibit and Public Programming
Mr.DavidMillerGlendale Community College, ENG/RDG/JRN Dept.Department 845-3707M.A. ENG/TESOL Chicano Literature, Hispanic Film, Hispanic Heritage, Latin American and Spanish Cultural Studies
Dr.WandaMills-Bocachica(In)Fusion 418-8890Ph.D. in Urban Planning; MUP Urban Planning; B.S. ArchitectureInterpreting the History and Cultural Landscape of Urban Spaces
Dr. FrancoiseMirguetArizona State UniversityAssistant 965-2663Ph.D. Biblical StudiesAncient Jewish Literature; Biblical Literature
AnaMontoyaTohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & MuseumMuseum Specialist - Education & Artistic 383-0200M.A. Education; B.A. Art HistoryArt History; Education; Museumology
Dr. ErinMorrisSouth Mountain Community CollegeAdjunct (602) 390-2155Ed.D. Higher and Postsecondary Education; M.A. HumanitiesHistory, Art History
ElroyNatachu Jr.Natachu InkZuni Artisan 728-8289A.A. Art Studio; Zuni PuebloZuni Artist; Oral Tradition; Passing on of Knowledge with Stories
Dr.JulietNeihausTucson Botanical 326-9686Ph.D Anthropology; M.S.W. Social Workanthropological field work, ethnobotany, horticultural therapy, oral history, ethnic studies
Dr. DonNilsenArizona State University Emeritus CollegeProfessor Emeritus of 968-1709Ph.D. LinguisticsSymbolism (National, Military, Religious, Sports, and Games); Symbolic Shapes (Flags, Names, and Colors); Humor and Iconicity in Music
Dr. AlleenNilsenArizona State University Emeritus CollegeProfessor Emeritus of 968-1709Ph.D. English Education Women School Teachers in Frontier Arizona; The Influence of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland on Contemporary American Communication
Dr. HesterObermanUniversity of ArizonaLecturer (520) 621-1689 PhD Psychology of Religion & Spirituality, Religious Studies and ClassicsReligion and Psychology, Religion and the Natural Science, Neurotheology, Neuropsychology, Phenomenology
Dr. Youg Kyun OhArizona State University, School of International Letters and Cultures Associate Professor of Chinese and Sino-Korean (480) 440-0779Ph.D. East Asian Languages and Literature; M.A. Chinese; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Philosophy History of Chinese and East Asian Languages; History of East Asian Books; Sinitic Cultural Tradition
Clark D.OlsonHugh Downs School of Human 965-3825professor teaching argumentation, civil communication, performance studies, social issues,
EricaO'NeilArizona State University Ph.D. Candidate 680-8309M.S. Biology; B.A. Anthropology; B.A. History; Ph.D. Biology and Society (in progress); Graduate Certificate in Non-Fiction Writing and Publishing (in progress)History of Medicine; Digital Humanities; Digital and Computational History; Science Communication
Ms. BethOrozcoCochise CollegeCollege English 364-7943MFA Creative WritingCreative Writing in Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry
Dr.SimonOrtizArizona State UniversityRegents Professor of English and American Indian 438-9325Dr. of Letters, University of New Mexico (Honorary); Acoma PuebloIndigenous American Literature; Creative Writing (Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Children's Literature); Decolonization of Indigenous people's land, culture, and community with a literary perspective
Dr. Heidi OsselaerArizona State University 319-5486Ph.D. History; M.A. History; B.A. HistoryArizona History Emphasis on Women's History
Dr.Lydia R.OteroUniversity of ArizonaAssociate 621-8985Ph.D HistoryPublic history, theater, oral history, Mexican American studies
Ms. PeggyOttensCochise College (Willcox Campus)Instructor Film 507-3689M.A. HumanitiesArt History, Literature, Film, Cinema
Dr.MaryOwnbyDesert Archaeology Inc./University of ArizonaResearch Petrographer/Associate 289-6009Ph.D. Archaeology; M.Sc. Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials; M.S. Egyptian Archaeology; B.A. AnthropologyArchaeology; Anthropology; Archaeological Ceramic Studies
Dr.ArumParkUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Assistant 621-1689 Ph.D., Classics Ancient Greek literature; Ancient Greek poetry; Greek Tragedy; Intertextuality; Pindar; Hesiod; Aeschylus; Ovid; Longus; Gender; Genre; Mythology
Dr.LeightonPetersonMiami UniversityAssociate 529-1422Ph.D. Anthropology; M.A. Anthropology; B.A. Anthropology Anthropology; Filmmaking
Prof.TylerPetersonArizona State UniversityAssistant 780-3313Ph.D. LinguisticsIndigenous American Linguistics, Endangered language maintenance and revitalization, Research Methodologies in the humanities, Semantics and pragmatics, Philosophy of language
Dr. Nicole PiemonteArizona State University Postdoctoral Associate Lincoln Center Applied 727-3690Ph.D. Medical Humanities; M.A. Communication Studies and Advocacy; B.A. EnglishMedical Humanities; Medical Ethics; Medical Epistemology and Pedagogy; Literature and Medicine; Existential Philosophy and Phenomenology; Critical Social Theory
NoelPinningtonDepartment of East Asian Studies, The University of Arizona Associate (520) 626-3476 Ph D Japanese Medieval Thought Japanese Literature, Japanese Medieval Literary and Art Theory, History of Japanese Theatre
Ms. RobinPintoIndependent Cultural Landscape Historian (520) 403-4064Ph.D. Natural Resources and History, MLA Landscape Architecture; M.S. Biological OceanographyEarly Settlement and Homesteading; Civilian Conservation Corps and New Deal Work Programs; History of Ranching; History of Federal Land Management
MichaelPopejoyCoconino Community CollegePart-Time 747-6675M.A. Philosophy; (PhD candidate)Philosophy
Dr. CherylPrice-McKell (208) 871-3593 MA in English: Rhetoric and Composition; Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies; PhD in English: Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies Archival Research; Women's Rhetoric; Feminist Rhetoric; Composition Studies; Feminist Composition Studies; Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy; First-Year Composition
Dr.DenisProvencherUniversity of Arizona Professor and Head, Department of French and (520) 621-7349 Ph.D French Civilization and Cultural Studies French civilization and cultural studies, Francophone Studies, language, gender and sexuality, migration and diaspora studies, conversation and discourse analysis, intercultural pragmatics, and intercultural communication
Curtis QuamA:shiwi A:wan Museum & Heritage CenterZuni Festival of Arts and Culture 782-4403ZuniZuni Emergence and Migration History; Zuni Language, Religion, History and World Views
JacelleRamon-SauberanUniversity of ArizonaPh.D 449-1517M.A. American Indian Studies; Ph.D candidate American Indian Studies; Tohono O'odham nationoral history, American Indian studies, multimedia journalism
Dr.RobinReinekeColibrí Center for Human RightsExecutive 853-9951M.A. Anthropology; B.A. Anthropology; Ph.D. Anthropology (in Progress)Anthropology; Activist; Migrant Rights
Dr. Michael ReinschmidtTohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & MuseumMuseum 383-0200Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology/Ethnohistory; Tohono O'odham NationAnthropology; Ethnohistory; Museumology; Tohono O'odham Culture and Cultural Representations
EllenRiekArizona Western 344-7549Ed.D Curriculum & Instruction; M.A. English LiteratureSociocultural Anthropology, literature
AletaRingleroIndependent ScholarArt Historian 423-8479M.A. Interdisciplinary Humanities; B.A. Art History; Ph.D. Art History (in Progress); Salt River Pima Indian Community Art History; Native Contemporary Art Production; Museum Exhibitions
Alberto RiosArizona State University Regent's 965-3800M.F.A. Creative Writing; B.A. Psychology; B.A. English and Creative WritingPoetry
Dr. Dolores Rivas BahtiUniversity of Arizona - Department of Spanish and PorltugeseLecturer (520) 484-8809 Ph.D History/Art History; MA Journalism Civic Narratives and Latino Popular Culture, The Arizona Border Region, Contemporary Photography, Immigrant Narratives of Faith, Digital Humanities: Contemporary Transmissions of Ideas
Dr.JanaRivers-Norton Cochise College Full Time English & Literature Instructor (520) 377-3249Ph.D. Clinical Inquiry/Human Sciences; M.A. in English Literature; B.A. EnglishCreative Writing; Literary Studies; Narrative as Mode of Inquiry; Myth & Folk Lore; Trauma & Memory Studies
Dr.Jason RobertArizona State University Center Director & Associate Professor Lincoln Center Applied 727-2460Ph.D. PhilosophyBioethics; Philosophy of Biology
Dr.DuaneRoenArizona State University Professor, Dean and Vice 727-6513Ph.D. English Education; M.St. English Education; B.S. English Education Collaborative Writing; Composition Theory, Literary Theory, Linguistics; Rhetorical Theory; Emphasis on how people learn to write and how teachers can help students learn to write
Dr.LoisRoma-Deeley Professor Emerita (480) 363-4676Ph. D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Primary Emphasis in Poetry; MFA Creative Writing (Poetry); BA Journalism Creative Writing Workshops; Poetry; Creative Writing; Women's Studies; Literary Criticism; Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. MichaelRubinoffInterdisciplinary Studies Program/Arizona State 965-7971Ph.D. HistoryAmerican History; Modern Jewish Studies/Jews in the American West
Mr.JayRubyThe Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater 902-8759B.A. Psychology, M.A. HumanitiesTheater; Performance; Cultural Studies
Dr. JuddRuggillUniversity of Arizona, College of Humanities Associate (520) 664-6969Ph.D. Comparative Cultural Literary Studies; M.A. Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies; B.A. English/American LiteratureGame Studies; Media History and Theory; Cultural Studies; Political Economy; Media Archiving
ChristianRuvalcabaUniversity of Arizona, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching ProgramPh.D. 234-1855Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition and TeachingSecond Language Acquisition, Formal Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Heritage Languages, Multilingualism, Language Mapping, Linguistic Landscapes
JieunRyuUniversity of Arizona, Critical Languages Program Interim Director (520) 621-3387 PhD (in progress), Second Language Acquisition and Teaching; MA, Language, Reading, and Culture Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL); Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs); Foreign Language tutor training; Foreign language curriculum development
Dr.ReneSaldana Jr.Texas Tech University Associate 283-7080Ph.D. English/Creative Writing; M.A. English; B.A. English/Creative Writing Writer of Young Adult Fiction
Dr.LindaSamuelsWashington University in St. LouisAssociate Professor 408-8101Ph.D. Urban Planning; M. Arch. Architecture; B.A. DesignArchitecture; Urban Planning; Developing Next Generation Infrastructure Solutions to Local, State, and Regional Infrastructural Problems
Dr.TaniSanchezUniversity of ArizonaAssociate Professor of Africana 395-1545Ph.D. Comparative Cultural and Literary StudiesHip Hop in Cinema, African American History, Family History and Genealogy, African American Women's issues
Dr. Leah SaratArizona State University - School of Historical, Philosophical & Religious StudiesAssociate 298-6326Ph.D. Religion in the AmericasReligion and Immigration; Religion in Mexico; U.S.-Mexico Border Studies; Indigenous Religions; Pentecostalism; Global Christianity; Immigrant Detention
Dr. SethSchermerhornHamilton CollegeReligious Studies (315) 859-4960Ph.D. Religious Studies; M.A. Religious Studies; B.A. Anthropology and History Religious Studies; Native American Cultures
Prof.CalvinSchermerhornArizona State University, School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious StudiesProfessor of 433-2522Ph.D. History; M.A. History, MTS, Theological StudiesSlavery, capitalism, African American history, Atlantic, world/global history
Prof.NathanSchickGlendale Community College, Philosophy and Religious 467-8961Ph.D. and M.A. in Religious StudiesIslamic Studies
Ms. AdrienneSchiffnerRio Salado Community CollegeAdjunct 952-1375M.A. Art HistoryArt History; Frank Lloyd Wright
Dr. DavidSchildkretArizona State University School of MusicProfessor of Choral Music, Director of Choral 634-4242M.M. Choral Conducting; D.M.A. Choral ConductingMusic and the Arts; Music and Humor; Choral Music; Opera
Dr. KarenSeatThe University of Arizona, College of Humanities; School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC); Department of Religious Studies & Classics Director, Head, and Associate Professor 621-5452 Ph.D., Religious Studies Religious Studies, American Studies, American Protestantism, Gender Studies, Religion and Politics
BeverlySeckingerUniversity of ArizonaProfessor, School of Theatre, Film & 621-1239M.F.A. Radio-Television-Film; M.A. Anthropology; B.A. English and FrenchDocumentary Production; Documentary Studies; LGBT Studies
Susan SekaquaptewaSecakuku ConsultingConsultant 606-6285M.A. Museum Studies; B.S. Community Development; HopiMuseum Studies; Modern Issues of Food Resiliency; Museum Services and Independent Cultural Projects within and about the Hopi Tribe
Dr.Deni SeymourJornada Research Institute Independent Research Archaeologist/ 934-3364B.A. Environmental Studies; B.A., M.A., Ph.D Anthropologyarchaeology, ethnography, ethnohistory, Sobaipuri O’odham
Dr.ManishaSharmaThe University of Arizona, School of ArtAssistant Professor, 621-7034Ph.D. Art Education; M.A. Art Education; B.F.A. Applied ArtArt and Visual Culture Education; Art Education with Civil Engagement Ideologies
Dr. BrianSilversteinUniversity of ArizonaAssociate 626-5047Ph.D. Anthropologycultural anthropology, ethnography, research
Dr.Michael SimeoneArizona State University, Nexus Lab for Digital HumanitiesDirector, Assistant Research 377-0850Ph.D. EnglishDate Management; Web Infrastructure
BernardSiquierosTohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & MuseumCurator of 383-0200B.A. Education; Tohono O'odham NationTohono O'odam Culture
Dr.DavidSorenUniversity of Arizona Regents Professor Anthropology/ 621-5013Ph.D. Classical Archaeology; M.A. Fine Arts; B.A. Greek and Roman StudiesClassical Archaeology; Art and Cultural Identity; Art and Patrimony
Mr.JohnSouthardCity of Tempe Historic Preservation OfficeTempe Historic Preservation 350-8870M.A. HistoryArizona History; Phoenix Metro Area History; Historic Preservation
KatherineStandefer University of Arizona College of MedicineUniversity of Arizona Department of Medical Humanities (847) 544-8946M.F.A. Creative Nonfiction Writing; B.A. Sociology; B.A. Narrative Medicine; Illness Narratives; Sexuality Education; Creative Writing; Sex Writing; Consent
EricSteinschneiderUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Visiting Assistant Professor (617) 519-5443 PhD Religion South Asian Religions
Dr.RobertStephanUniversity of ArizonaLecturer in 468-6645Ph.D ClassicsArchaeology, Ancient Economy, Digital Humanities
Dr. MaxStrassfeldUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Assistant (520) 621-1689 Ph.D., Religious Studies Religious Studies, Judaic Studies, Rabbinics, Transgender Studies
Dr. MelanieSturgeonState Library, Archives and Public RecordsState 926-3729Ph.D. History; M.A. History Historian; Oral Historian; Archivist
Dr.Susan TafferGrand Canyon University Doctoral Chair & Residency (602) 361-6012M.A. Religious Studies, Ph.D Educational LeadershipTeach and Lead research dissertation project in education; Theoretical Psychology; Business Administration
Dr.MichelleTellezNorthern Arizona UniversitySenior 523-1144Ph.D. Education, M.A. Sociology and Education, B.A. Sociology with specialization in Chicana/o Studies Chicana Feminism; Migration; Human Rights; U.S./Mexico Border; Globalization; Community; Transnationalism; Social Justice; Identity; Mothering
DavidTenarioSan Xavier District natural Resources DepartmentCultural 573-4056tribal member of Wa:k Sobaipuri O'odhamSobaipuri heritage, archaeological work relating to the original Wa:k community, ethnographic studies
Prof.LauraToheArizona State University, 965-5553Ph.D. English, M.A. English, B.A. Psychology; NavajoNavajo; Navajo Code Talkers; Indigenous Women
Mr.MatthewToroArizona State University, ASU Library, Map and Geospatial HubDirector of Maps, Imagery, and Geospatial 965-5973M.A. Geographygeohumanities, GIS, land use, political ecology
Dr.MichaelTuellerArizona State University, School of International Letters & Cultures Associate Professor of the Classics (602) 501-4011Ph.D. Classical Philology Classics; Ancient Greek; Latin
Dr.JonnaVanceNorthern Arizona 581-0401Ph.D. Philosophy; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. PhilosophyPhilosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Ethics
Dr. PeggeVissicaro Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Executive (602) 790-0363 EPhD Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Instruction; MA Cultural Anthropology; MFA Dance Performance and Choreography; BFA Dance Performance and Choreography Anthropology, Dance, Creativity, Ecology; K-12 Education, Humanities Curriculum Design
Dr.SantosVegaArizona State University Emeritus scholar. Hispanic Research Center, Emeritus 966-5902Ph.D. Education, M.A. TheologyAdult Education Workshops; Religious Presentations; Oral Histories
Dr.SujeyVegaArizona State University - Women and Gender StudiesAssociate 727-6173Ph.D. Anthropology Immigration; Latina/o Studies; Women and Gender Studies; Religious Studies
Dr. Selso VillegasTohono O'odham NationDirector, Water Resources 383-2362Ph.D. Science; Tohono O'odhamActivism for Tribal Communities; Environmental and Community Issues in Tribal Communities
PhilipWaddellUniversity of Arizona, Department of Religious Studies and Classics Assistant (520) 621-7418 PhD in Classical Studies Ancient Historiography, Roman History, Post-Augustan Latin, Tacitus, Ancient Greek History, Ancient Rhetoric
Dr.VinceWaldronArizona State UniversityProfessorVincew@asu.edmail(623) 670-6500Ph.D. Communication Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Families, Communities, and Societies; Lifespan Changes in Marriages; Resilient Relationships
Ms.LizWarrenSouth Mountain Community CollegeFaculty Director of the South Mountain Community College Storytelling 243-8026M.A. in AnthropologyTraditional Storytelling; Modern Storytelling Movement; Application of Storytelling; Storytelling in Arizona
DellaWarriorMuseum of Indian Arts and 231-3003M.Ed.; Otoe-MissouriaActivism for Tribal Communities
Dr.RobinWeeksYavapai 649-4270Ph.D. Geophysics; M.A. Religious StudiesEarth Sciences
Dr. RebaWells GrandrudSunnyslope Historical 992-0339Ph.D. History of the American West; M.S. Southwest History; B.S. Education State and Local History; Historic Preservation; Oral History Practice and Training
Dr.Albert WelterUniversity of Arizona Professor (520) 621-2211 MA & Ph.D, Religious Studies History of Religions, East Asian Buddhism, Chan/Zen Buddhism, Intellectual History, Secularization theory
JamesWermersArizona State UniversityDigital Humanities Course Manager/ Faculty (602) 496-0625M.A. English; M.A. Philosophy Shakespeare, literature, philosophy, gender studies, early modern studies, film, composition
WendyWestonNative Heart, Inc.Cultural 200-3270Post Graduate Studies in Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies; B.S. Political Science; NavajoNavajo Educator
Dr.EddyWhiteUniversity of Arizona Center for English as a Second Langauge Assesment (502) 626-8963 Doctorate in Applied Linguistics Language Classroom Assessment, Proficiency Testing, Assessment Literacy
Charlotte WhittleCardboard House 747-7243M.A. in Hispanic Studies and B.A. English and Modern Languagestranslation, poetry, literary criticism, arts integration
Arthur Wilson Tohono O'odham Legislative Council (TOLC)Chairman, Cultural Preservation 383-1059Tohono O'odham Nation Tohono O'odam Culture
Dr.Amber WorkmanArizona State UniversityInstructor (805) 637-0701 Ph.D Hispanic Languages and LiteraturesLatin American literary and cultural studies, emphasis Mexican literary and cultural studies
Dr.Aaron M.WrightArchaeology SouthwestPreservation 882-6946Ph.D Anthropologyarchaeology, ethnohistory, Southwest, rock art, studies of indigenous cultural landscapes
JiangWuDepartment of East Asian Studies, The University of Arizona Professor (520) 626-0171 PhD East Asian Religion Buddhism, Chinese religion, GIS, Digital Humanities
Dr. SunyoungYangEast Asian Studies, College of Humanities, University of ArizonaAssistant Professor (520) 621-0632 Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology Internet culture, digital media, new technologies, labor, class, gender, youth culture, Korea, East Asia
Dr. Ann YellottCulture of Peace Alliance 991-6781Ph.D PsychologyPeace Studies
JayYoungdahlSan Francisco State UniversityVisiting 269-1489M.Div. Divinity; M.A. General Liberal Arts; J.D. Law; B.S. EconomicsLaw; Law and Civil Society

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