Humanities Scholars

Arizona Humanities requires the involvement of humanities scholars to support a broad humanistic perspective as well as in-depth knowledge in a particular field of study.

As defined by Arizona Humanities, a humanities scholar meets one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Holds an advanced degree (M.A. or higher) in a humanities discipline, i.e. anthropology, archaeology, art history & criticism, comparative religion, ethics, history, jurisprudence, language, linguistics, literature, philosophy, and certain aspects of the social sciences.
  • Is a recognized expert with a verifiable record of working, teaching, and publishing in a humanities discipline and/or is acknowledged as such by other scholars in the field.
  • Is a Native American elder or traditional teacher involved in a project whose focus is on their particular tribe.

Every proposal is required to have at least one consulting Humanities Scholar and up to five consulting Humanities Scholars may submit forms for the grants committee to review.

The consulting Humanities Scholar should be involved in the planning of the project and be able to represent to the Grants Review Committee how they will help make sense of the humanities content in your program. 

Through a competitive grant program and other programs, Arizona Humanities supports projects around the state each year that encourage dialogue between the general public and humanists working within specific disciplines. The centrality of the humanities is one of the most important criteria the Grants Review Committee considers when deciding which projects to fund. Teachers, scholars, tribal elders, and local experts who embody the knowledge, methods, and values of their disciplines, are the chief means of bringing the humanities to the public. In this sense, the Humanities Scholar guarantees the Humanities in the project. The Humanities Scholar should be involved in planning the project, and may be involved in its implementation.

Humanities scholars can play many roles in a project including, but not limited to:

  • Consultant or advisor on humanities content to develop and help shape ideas into a humanities project.
  • Researcher or writer of critical and interpretive materials, essays, and text for exhibitions; curricular materials; script treatments; catalogues, etc., to accompany a project or program.
  • Evaluator upon project completion to assess whether and/or how the project’s learning goals were met.

Humanities Scholar responses are due by the application deadline. Please plan accordingly and provide them access to the form as early in the application process as possible.

The Arizona Humanities Scholar Database is a resource for prospective grant-seekers and community partners. The database lists scholars working in Arizona or on Arizona topics who have made themselves available to work as consultants, speakers, and evaluators on public programs.

For each scholar you’ll find a professional affiliation, topics of study, and contact information.

Click here to access the Arizona Humanities Scholar Database.

*Humanities Scholars do not have to be a member of the Arizona Humanities Database to participate in a grant.*

If you would like to join the Arizona Humanities Scholar Database or update your information, click here to complete the application.

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