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About AZ Speaks

AZ Speaks programs are hosted by Arizona Humanities’ Speakers and cultural, educational, and nonprofit organizations. Bringing AZ Speaks to your community is a great way for non-profits, libraries, educational institutions, governmental and tribal entities to enjoy interesting and engaging humanities-based programs. Speakers represent a diverse range of expertise, from a variety of professional backgrounds including history, gender studies, cultural studies, and more. Speakers are selected based on their expertise and ability to offer content and insight that inspires discussion with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. AZ Speaks presentations must be free and open to the public. 

AZ Speaks programs are offered both in-person and virtually. The programs span 60 minutes for virtual events and 60-90 minutes for in-person events. Host organizations may schedule up to 5 presentations per cycle. The current AZ Speaks cycle runs from Nov. 1, 2023, to Oct. 31, 2024. 

Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the current AZ Speaks cycle. Check back in August for the new catalog and application to schedule programs happening Nov. 1, 2024, to Oct. 31, 2025. 

Catalog of Presentations 2023-24

Hosting an AZ Speaks Program

Please review all steps below regarding hosting an AZ Speaks program.

If you are interested in hosting an AZ Speaks program, please follow the steps below:

1. Review the AZ Speaks Catalog and select the speaker(s) and presentation(s) you are interested in hosting.

2. Contact the Speaker to schedule their participation. Speaker contact information is available in the Catalog under the Speaker’s Bio.

3. Determine the format of the presentation with the Speaker (virtual/in-person). If requesting an in-person program, please share with the Speaker your organization’s current COVID safety measures.

4. Apply through the Grants and Programs Dashboard and complete the online application form. You must contact the speaker and submit your application at least four weeks before the presentation is to take place.

Please bookmark the Grants and Programs Dashboard Link for quick access:

5. Complete Program Agreement & Make Payment, once the application has been approved. You will receive a notification of approval through an email confirmation. (Allow two weeks for your application to be processed.) The Program Agreement and $100 Cost Share fee are due one week after approval of the application. Either pay by PayPal or send a check via mail to 1242 N Central Ave, Phoenix 85004. Organizations are allowed to schedule up to 5 AZ Speaks programs per fiscal year (Nov 1 – Oct 31).

6. Manage your AZ Speaks Program through the Host Site Toolkit (below), which provides materials and resources to successfully administer, promote, and evaluate your program(s). Please be sure to distribute Audience Evaluations after your AZ Speaks Program.

7. Complete Project Director Evaluation and submit Audience Evaluations through the Grants and Programs Dashboard. Project Director Evaluation is due one week after the presentation date.

VIRTUAL: Once the program has been approved, you will receive a Zoom registration link to the program webinar. You will use the link when you market and promote the program. The link will allow participants to register for the program in advance. It will require them to enter their name and email address. Following registration, participants will receive an electronic confirmation. They will use this information to participate in the program. This process allows AH to protect the security of the program and reduce hacking, ZOOM bombing, or other program disruptions. You may not use your own ZOOM account or other virtual platform to register participants. This is strictly prohibited.

IN-PERSON: Once the program has been approved, please communicate with the Speaker regarding event logistics.

Make a Payment
After your organization has been approved to host an AZ Speaks presentation, you are ready to make a payment.

DO NOT pay for a presentation if you have not received confirmation.

To pay for your AZ Speaks presentation by credit card, please submit your contract # and date of presentation in the boxes below and click the button to pay through PayPal.

You will be taken to to complete this transaction

For checks, please make check payable to Arizona Humanities and mail to 1242 N. Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Host Site Toolkit

Arizona Humanities requires that host organizations generate publicity for each program and make all efforts to host a well-attended program. Organizations must add the Arizona Humanities logo or the language “This program is made possible by Arizona Humanities” to all publicity materials (flyers, press release, website, postcards, etc.)

Visit our Logos page for all high-resolution logos.

The more you can share your program with different audiences, the more that people understand the role and the importance of the humanities.

Ideas to help market the program in your community:

  • Once your program application is approved, begin marketing 4-6 weeks prior to the date of the program
  • Create a flyer/poster/postcard for your venue
  • Include the program announcement on your website
  • Add your program to community calendar listings
  • Send out an email to your e-mail list
  • Write and submit a press release to local media announcing the program
  • Post about the program on social media
  • Share the program announcement with local schools, city council, libraries, tourism board/visitors center, chamber of commerce, professional society newsletters
  • Invite your elected congressional officials and/or their staff

Arizona Humanities also helps promote AZ Speaks programs to our statewide audiences.

All programs are added to the:

  • Arizona Humanities website Events Calendar
  • Monthly Humanities Happenings e-blast to programs subscribers

Selected programs are highlighted in the:

  • Monthly E-newsletter
  • Social Media – facebook, twitter, instagram


  • We are excited to announce that [Speaker Name] from @AZhumanities #AZspeaks will be coming to [your organization’s name] on [date/time] We can’t wait! [Insert links if needed]
  • Great news! [Your organization’s name] will be hosting [Speaker name] from the @AZhumanities #AZspeaks roster on [date/time] [Insert speaker photo/ link if needed]


  • [Your organization’s name] will host [Speaker name] from @AZhumanities on [date/time]
  • [Your organization’s name] is excited to announce that [Speaker name] will be at [Location] on [date/time] Join us to explore [Subject/Title]


  • [Your organization’s name] will host [Speaker name] from the @AZhumanities #AZspeaks program on [date/time]. Join us to learn more about [title/presentation description] #AZhumanities
  • So excited to announce that [your organization’s name] will host [Speaker name] from the @AZhumanities #AZspeaks program on [date/time]. Explore [title/subject description] #AZhumanities

Arizona Humanities requires public acknowledgment of the programs it supports, as outlined in the terms and conditions of your award. Federal regulations stipulate that credit be given to Arizona Humanities-funded programs in all written notices, news releases, or other publicity. AZ Speaks host sites must specify that the program is made possible by Arizona Humanities. The name of Arizona Humanities and its logo must appear in a conspicuous location and be large enough to be easily legible. 

All logo formats are available on the Logos page


On the day of the presentation, please print out a poster or sign with the Arizona Humanities logo for your podium or in the room where the program will take place.

Audience Evaluations are required for each AZ Speaks program. For virtual programs, Arizona Humanities will email the audience evaluations. For in-person programs, please print and distribute to your audience on the day of the presentation. Do not modify the evaluation form without prior approval. Please note: this is not the Project Director evaluation. The Project Director evaluation is located within the on Grants and Programs Dashboard. Once completed, the audience evaluations must be uploaded into the Project Director Evaluation or mailed to the Arizona Humanities office (1242 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004).

Please use the NEW evaluation and discontinue use of old evaluations for audiences.

If you are creating newsletter articles, e-mails, social media posts, or press releases, here are some talking points about Arizona Humanities. This also includes a brief overview of the organization in case you find yourself needing to explain background and history of Arizona Humanities.

  • The mission of Arizona Humanities is to build a just and civil society by creating opportunities to explore our shared human experiences through discussion, learning and reflection.
  • For over 40 years, Arizona Humanities has strived to help Arizonans better understand themselves and the world around them through grants to organizations and public programs that explore the human experience.
  • Arizona Humanities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and the Arizona affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Visit for more information about Arizona Humanities.

Sample Introduction for Host Sites

”Good [morning, afternoon, evening], and thank you all for coming today. I am pleased to introduce [Name of Speaker], an AZ Speaks presenter from Arizona Humanities.

[Read highlights from Speakers Bio]

This presentation is a program of Arizona Humanities, a non-profit organization that inspires individuals to enjoy and share a life of learning. Arizona Humanities funds the AZ Speaks programs throughout the state thanks to support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and you.

In addition to the AZ Speaks program, Arizona Humanities supports other humanities projects like grants, community conversations, film screenings and discussion, author talks, and more. For more information about Arizona Humanities, visit

And now please join me in welcoming [name of Speaker] who will present, [Name of Presentation].”

Arizona Humanities offers a customizeable press release template for AZ Speaks host sites when announcing speaker presentations.

AZ Speaks Press Release Template (Word Doc)

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