50th Anniversary Grants

In celebration of our 50th anniversary Arizona Humanities is proud to offer two one-time funding opportunities. The first grant theme, Climate Conversations, is focused on the environment and sustainability. The second grant theme, Representation Matters, is focused on civic engagement and the history of representation in the U.S. 
Applications are closed.

Climate Conversations grants focus on the environmental humanities and explore the complex relationship between people, the humanities, and our environment. The science and data behind climate change and environmental challenges are important. But learning about the impact of these challenges on local communities, and hearing the stories of the people affected, is equally important. Climate Conversations ask: When does the environment intersect with the human experience? Why are the humanities important to environmental issues? How can we meet environmental challenges and sustain resources? and more. Climate Conversations funded programs should do the following:

  • deepen public understanding of an environmental issue(s).
  • promote the role of the humanities in solving environmental issue(s).
  • encourage the public to be a part of the solution.

Representation Matters grants focus on topics related to civic education, civic engagement, and representation in our democracy, with an emphasis on current issues of local and national importance. Representation Matters funded programs ask: What does it mean to be civically engaged? Why is diverse representation important for democracy? What are the stories and perspectives of underrepresented communities? How can we promote education and access? and more. Representation Matters funded programs should do the following:

  • foster cross-cultural understanding, empathy, and community resilience.
  • deepen public understanding of local, state, or national history, especially lesser-known history from underrepresented communities.
  • promote civic engagement, information literacy, and social connection.

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