Arizona v. the United States: Challenging the Constitution with Thomas J. Davis

Arizona Capitol Museum, Historic Senate Chamber 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix

Comparatively young, Wild West, borderland that Arizona is with its rich indigenous heritage, pioneer, settler mentality, and fierce, independent spirit, the state has given rise to challenges that have shaped understanding of the US Constitution. For example, any reader or viewer of US police procedurals is familiar with Miranda v. Arizona (1966), treating the Fifth […]


100 Years Grand – The Story of Arizona Highways Magazine with Win Holden

Arizona Capitol Museum 1700 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ, United States

April 2025 will mark Arizona Highways magazine’s 100th birthday. How did a brochure produced by the Arizona Highway Department become one of the most revered travel publications in the world? How has Arizona Highways remained relevant for a century while other national magazines have failed? Former Arizona Highways Publisher, Win Holden, will share the inside […]


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