Our History is the Future with Nick Estes

Join us as we delve into the latest chapter in the centuries-long struggle for Indigenous liberation. In this lecture, Nick Estes will discuss his latest work Our History is the Future. […]

It Takes a Nation to Heal

Indigenous tribes today are finding themselves in crisis. Community initiatives are mobilizing to sustain water, land, language, youth, and heritage. Megan will shine light on the root causes of these […]

American Native: Native American

What is the experience of Native Americans in the U.S.? What is Native? What is Indian? What is Indigenous? The experiences of Native Americans in the U.S. are complex, and […]

A Celebration of Water’s Impact on Native American Culture

Join us for an exploration of the rich and diverse indigenous cultures of Arizona. Hear traditional stories that have been passed down for generations. See a traditional dance performance.  Learn about Native American tools and instruments, how they were made and how they were used.

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