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Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

Arizona Humanities supports innovative, community-based projects that use humanities disciplines to connect Arizonans to the cultures, peoples, and histories of the state and beyond. We welcome proposals from a wide range of nonprofit organizations and encourages projects that are innovative in their approach toward the humanities and public programming.

Through disciplines such as literature, history, philosophy, languages, art and music history, architecture, folklore, and comparative religion, humanities projects offer ways to investigate, evaluate, discover, record, and articulate the meaning of human experience.

Grant Types

Mini Grants

Mini Grants are small grants of up to $2,000 that are available year-round to support innovative public programs that increase understanding of the human experience. Applicants may request up to $2,000 in Mini Grants per fiscal year (November 1 – October 31). Mini Grants can be used for capacity-building, program planning, and implementation of programs. Capacity-building may include training and education for constituents to help the organization plan and/or implement public humanities engagements. The goal of Mini Grants is to foster the capacity-building of small organizations with limited funding, and encourage partnerships and collaboration between nonprofits. While larger institutions can still apply for Mini Grants, they must partner with a smaller institution that will lead the program or project.

At this time, all available funds for 2018 have been granted. Please check back around November 2018 for information regarding Mini Grants 2019.

Project Grants

Project Grants are competitive grants supporting public programming across Arizona using the humanities to provide context, depth, and perspective to the Arizona experience and explore issues of significance to Arizonans. Organizations may request up to $10,000 to support their program implementation.

Grant Deadlines

Grant applications must be submitted through the Grants and Programs Dashboard on the day of the established deadline. Staff assistance is available until 5:00 p.m. on grant deadline days. Applicants can monitor the status of grant applications within the Grants and Programs Dashboard.

Bookmark the Grants and Programs Dashboard link: https://www.grantinterface.com/Common/LogOn.aspx?urlkey=azhumanities

Project Grant Deadlines

Letter of Intent Deadline

Application Deadline Notification Date Project Period
November 1, 2018 December 15, 2018 March 1, 2019 April 1, 2019 – October 15, 2020
May 1, 2018 June 15, 2018 September 1, 2018 October 1 2018 – April 15, 2020

Mini Grants Deadlines

Mini Grant applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until funds are exhausted within our fiscal year (November 1 – October 31).

At this time, all available funds for 2018 have been granted. Please check back around November 2018 for information regarding Mini Grants 2019.

Proposals must be submitted to the Grants and Programs Dashboard at least 60 days prior to project start date. Decision notices are available through the grants portal 15 days after application submission.

Project periods are up to 12 months from start date indicated on the application. Only project costs incurred after the project start date are eligible. Projects must be completed within 12 months after start date.

Please read the Grant Guidelines to learn more about the Mini Grant cycle.

Grants Information Sessions

Discover opportunities for your organization with Arizona Humanities and learn about the grants application process at free orientations and webinars.



Any nonprofit group is eligible to apply for grants, including schools, libraries, museums, civic groups, government agencies, service clubs, tribal organizations, professional associations, historical societies, educational institutions and community organizations. For-profit entities and individuals are not eligible.

Eligible Projects

Grants are given only for projects or programs that take place in Arizona and/or have direct significance to Arizona.

Applications must demonstrate that the humanities are central to the project. To be considered for support, projects are required to:

  • Actively involve a humanities scholar
  • Involve public discussion of and/or distribution of humanistic work
  • Present objective points of view
  • Feature free and open access for any public events

Organizations may apply for a Mini Grant or Project Grant if:

  1. Eligible applicants include private nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations; local, tribal, and state governments; institutions of the federal government; academic institutions; and unincorporated organizations or groups that are constituted for nonprofit purposes.
  2. You are in “good standing” with Arizona Humanities, i.e., you do not have an overdue grant report or a previously defaulted grant.

In addition, organizations may apply for a Mini Grant if:

  1. The organization does not currently have an open Mini Grant with Arizona Humanities
  2. The organization has not reached the $2,000 limit in Mini Grant funds during current fiscal year (November 1-October 31)
  3. The organization does not have a Project Grant for the same program.
  4. The applicant organization’s budget does not exceed $500,000. A copy of the organization’s annual budget is to be included with the application. If you are applying from a department or unit within a parent organization, please use the budget of your department/unit to determine if you qualify.

Ineligible Programs

Arizona Humanities cannot support the following:

  • Individuals (must be a nonprofit organization)
  • Advocacy or partisan objectives
  • Direct action campaigns
  • Operating costs, construction, or renovation
  • Profit-making projects
  • Scholarships and fellowships
  • Occupational training
  • Museum, school, or library acquisitions
  • Academic credit
  • Research for solely scholarly purposes
  • Universities, colleges, or affiliated organizations for programs designed primarily for their students

Frequently Asked Questions


Please review the Grant Guidelines for comprehensive details about Arizona Humanities grants.

Is an organization required to submit a Letter of Intent?

  • Project Grants: Yes.All applicants must submit a Letter of Intent before the posted Intent deadline. After the deadline, all forms are reviewed for applicant and project eligibility. Approved Letter of Intent registrations will be invited to submit a full application.
  • Mini Grants: No.

Does Arizona Humanities provide any support for writing a Grant application?

  • Arizona Humanities encourages prospective applicants to contact us directly and discuss the project before submitting the grant application. We can advise applicants in creating an eligible project and competitive grant application. We do not review draft applications.

What role should a humanities scholar play in a project?

  • A Humanities Scholar should be involved in the planning of the project and be able to represent to the Grants Review Committee how they will help make sense of the humanities content in your program.

Are individuals eligible to apply for an Arizona Humanities grant?

  • Eligible applicants include organizations constituted for nonprofit purposes; civic and service organizations; local, tribal, and state governments; and academic institutions.

Does Arizona Humanities fund art or performance projects?

  • Arizona Humanities funds art-based projects that seek to interpret, analyze or otherwise explain the social or historical context and elements of the creative arts. Arizona Humanities does not provide funding for the creative or performing arts elements of a public program, or the honoraria and travel expenses of individual artists.

How does a program “use the humanities to address contemporary social issues?”

  • Competitive Arizona Humanities grant proposals will use the humanities to contextualize and analyze perspectives of contemporary social and political issues, and provide an organized framework for respectful and civil dialogue. Projects should not advance a specific policy agenda.

Can an organization have a Project Grant and Mini Grant open at the same time?

  • Yes, an organization may apply and receive funding for a Project Grant and Mini Grant at the same time. However, the proposed projects must be materially different.

Can an organization apply for multiple grants in the same year?

  • Project Grants: Yes. There are two grant cycles in any given fiscal year (Our fiscal year runs from November 1st to October 31st). An organization may apply for and receive a project grant in each cycle.
  • Mini Grants: Yes, but organizations may not have a currently open Mini Grant or reached the $2,000 limit in Mini Grant funds.

Will previous awards from Arizona Humanities affect my proposal?

  • Arizona Humanities will use an organization’s past Arizona Humanities grant funding activity as an example of the organization’s capacity to plan and execute successful projects as well as to administer a grant award. Each application, however, will be considered and evaluated on its individual merits, and repeat funding is not guaranteed.

What qualifies as an “in-kind contribution” and “Third-party cash contribution?”

  • In-kind contributions refer to contributions from an applicant organization to the project such as: staff salaries and volunteer time, services, facilities, and internal funds. This also includes goods and services donated by a third-party or partner organization.
  • Third-party cash contribution refers to third party, cash donations made to the organization for the proposed program. Unlike In-kind contributions, cash contributions may not come from an organization’s board or board member, the project director, or any other individual who might be seen as to gain benefit by financially supporting the proposed program. The donation must be committed to the specific project at the time of the grant application, and a letter from the donor(s) must be included in the proposal.

How are grants reviewed?

  • Project Grants: A Committee consisting of rotating Arizona Humanities Board members, Arizona Humanities staff, and guest humanities scholars reviews applications two times a year. Arizona Humanities staff provide a grantee’s history and current policy information, but do not score applications.
  • Mini Grants: Mini Grants are reviewed by Arizona Humanities staff and approved by the Executive Director.

If an application is not awarded, can the organization resubmit an application in a future cycle?

Yes. Please consult with Arizona Humanities regarding the outcome of the Review Committee’s discussion before resubmitting in future grant cycles.



Samantha Anderson, Grants Manager
sanderson@azhumanities.org / 602-257-0335 x25

Dyadira Fajardo, Programs & Grants Coordinator
dfajardo@azhumanities.org / 602-257-0335 x23