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Arizona Humanities Scholar Database

The Humanities Scholars Database is updated frequently. Please check back to make sure you are viewing the most up-to-date database.

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Questions? Contact Samantha Anderson, Programs & Grants Coordinator at sanderson@azhumanities.org.

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Name (Prefix) Name (First) Name (Last) Institution and Department or Unit Name Current Title Email Address Phone Humanities Scholar Qualifications (Degree(s)/Tribal Affiliation) Keywords to Identify Scholars' Fields of Study/Areas of Expertise
Dr. Joni Adamson Arizona State University Professor of Environmental Humanities joni.adamson@asu.edu (602) 592-7868 Ph.D. English Food Justice and Sovereignty; Indigenous and Southwest American Ethnobiology and Food Systems
Ms. Erica Alexander Chandler-Gilbert CC & ASU Adjunct Faculty erica_alexander0104@yahoo.com (480) 305-4892 M.Ed. Educational Leadership Multicultural Education; Diversity and Inclusion; Cultivating Cultural Competency; Educational Disparities/Achievement Gaps; Character Education
Dr. Watheq Alobaidi Muslim Community Center of Tucson sh.watheq@yahoo.com (520) 302-1325 Ph.D. Arabic; MCJ; B.A. Islamic Science Religion - Islam
Dorothy Ami Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi/Tewa Potter Amidorothy@yahoo.com (928) 401-1102 Hopi/Tewa Hopi/Tewa Potter; Natural Pigments; Hopi Pottery Symbols; Traditional Firing
Dr. Akua Duku Anokye Arizona State University Associate Professor aanokye@asu.edu (602) 543-6020 Ph.D. Linguistics and Folklore African American Storytelling; African American Literature; Ghanaian Folklore
Dr. Lauren Allsopp Arizona State University Faculty Associate wienallsopp@gmail.com (480)965-5778 Ph.D. Architecture; M.S. Historic Preservation Historic Preservation; Historic Architecture; Material Conservation; Historical Documentation
Mr. Lyle Balenquah Archaeologist Lyle.Balenquah@gmail.com (928) 255-2211 M.A. Cultural Anthropology/Southwestern Archaeology; Hopi Hopi; Cultural Resource Management; Archaeology; Indigenous History; Cultural Landscapes; Traditions
Dr. Denise Bates Arizona State University, Interdisciplinary Studies Program Asst. Professor Denise.Bates@asu.edu (623) 986-3838 Ph.D. History, M.S. American Indian Studies American Indian History; Tribal-Nation Building; Tribal-State Relationships; Native Leadership and Activism
Dr. Lawrence Bell Arizona Jewish Historical Society Executive Director lbell@azjhs.org (602) 241-7870 Ph.D. History Jewish History; Latin American History; World History; Arizona History
Volker Benkert Arizona State University Lecturer vbenkert@asu.edu (480) 236-1992 M.A. History; B.A. History; Ph.D. (in Progress) History; German and European History; Impact of Sudden Regime Changes in 20th Century German and Europe; German-Jewish History
Ms. Elena Díaz Bjorkquist University of Arizona Research Associate SIROW Scholar elenabj@comcast.net (529) 760-3279 M.A. in Political Science and Education Chicano Studies, History, Oral History, Chicano History
Joshua Borths Arizona Opera Education Manager jborths@azopera.org (513) 706-6611 M.M. Opera Production; B.M. Voice Performance/Opera Directing; B.M. Musicology Opera; Music as the Means to Tell a Story
Dr. Todd Bostwick Verde Valley Archaeology Center Director of Archaeology todd.bostwick@cox.net (480) 786-1556 Ph.D. History; M.A. Anthropology Southwest Archaeology; Arizona Archaeology; Arizona History; native American Culture; Hohokam Culture; Sinagua Culture
Dr. Jason Bruner Arizona State University Assistant Professor of Religious Studies jason.bruner.1@asu.edu (770) 823-7549 Ph.D. History of Christianity; M.T.S. History of Christianity; B.A. Spanish and Religious Studies History of Religion and Culture in East Africa; History of Christianity; Impact of Religion on the Study of Genocide
Dr. Steve Carol Mesa Community College Retired drhistory@cox.net (480) 585-7841 Ph.D. History US History; Cold War; World Wars of the Twentieth Century; Modern Middle East; Arab-Israeli Conflict; Terrorism
Dr. Changfu Chang Millersville University of Pennsylvania Professor/Filmmaker changfu.chang@millersville.edu (717) 871-7285 Ph.D. Mass Communications Film Director/Producer/Writer
Dr. Nalini Chhetri Arizona State University Assistant Director, School for the Future of Innovation in Society Nalini.Chhetri@asu.edu (480) 727-0745 Ph.D. Educational Policy Studies; M.S. Cyto-Genetics Global Sustainability; Climate Change
Dr. Andrew Christenson Smoki Museum of American Indian Art & Culture Curator alchristenson@cableone.net (928) 308-5758 Ph.D. Anthropology Prescott Culture; Ceramics; History of Archaeology
Patricia Clark Arizona State University Associate Professor of Media Arts patricia.clark@asu.edu (480) 518-3670 M.F.A. Intermedia; B.F.A. Drawing Video; Interactive Media Installations and Performance; Digital Prints; Experimental Documentary
Prof. Albrecht Classen University of Arizona Professor aclassen@email.arizona.edu (520) 621-1395 Ph.D. German German Studies
Dr. Brandon Cleworth Glendale Community College/Humanities and Fine Arts Department Professor brandon.cleworth@gccaz.edu (805) 305-0521 Ph.D. Religious Studies Theories of Religion; Medieval Studies; Holocaust Studies
Prof. Julie Codell Arizona State University Professor julie.codell@asu.edu (602) 405-2940 Ph.D. Comparative Literature, M.A. Art History, M.A. English Art history; European 19th Century Culture; British Empire; India in the 19th Century; The press in the 19th Century; Transatlantic Cultural Exchanges, Film of the US, India, and Europe.
Dr. Michael Cothren Swarthmore College Scheuer Family Professor of Humanities & Professor of Art History mcothre1@swarthmore.edu (610) 328-8118 Ph.D. Art History Art; Medieval Art; Native American Art
Prof. John Coughlin Glendale Community College Residential Faculty john.coughlin@gccaz.edu (623) 845-4845 M.A. History; M.C. Counseling African American History; United State History; History of Slavery; Caribbean History; History of Caribbean Piracy
Dr. John Craft Arizona State University Professor j.craft@asu.edu (480) 206-0366 Ph.D. Mass Communication, M.A. Broadcasting Media; Mass Media; Media and Society; Philosophy of Communication; New Media; Media History; Broadcasting; Radio; Television; Newspaper
Reuben Cruz N/A reuben.cruz@asu.edu (773) 747-2700 Piipaash/Quechan (Gila River Indian Community) Poetry; Creative Writing; Musician
Dr. Maria Cruz-Torres Arizona State University Associate Professor Maria.Cruz-Torres@asu.edu (480) 837-4505 Ph.D. Anthropology; B.S. Marine Biology Cultural Anthropology; Environmental Anthropology, Applied Anthropology: Economic Anthropology; Gender and Globalization; Sustainability and the Environment; Political Ecology
Jerry Curley Gila River Indian Community chischilliejc@aol.com (520) 293-5461 M.S. Education; B.S. Education; Navajo Navajo; Navajo Railroad Workers; Experience in Museum Exhibit Design
Steven Darden Museum of Northern Arizona Artist and Navajo Historian Rtoehe@yahoo.com (928) 527-3889 Navajo, Cheyenne Artist; Navajo Historian
Allen Dart Old Pueblo Archaeology Center Executive Director adart@oldpueblo.org (520) 603-6181 M.A. Anthropology; B.A. Anthropology Archaeology the Southwest; Emphasis on Southern Arizona
Cory Davis University of Arizona, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies Graduate Teaching Associate cddavis@email.arizona.edu (817) 933-9991 M.A. History; Ph.D. Radical Reformation in Germany (in Progress) Radical Reformation in Germany; Reformation History
Mr. Ryan Davis FlipSwitch, Inc. Senior Curriculum Manager for the Humanities casey.davis@flipswitch.com (480) 828-1380 M.Ed. Curriculum/Instruction; M.A. American History Cultural and Intellectual History; Standards-based Curriculum Development and Design; U.S. History Primary Source Analysis; Deep Mapping; Interdisciplinary Analysis.
Ms. Lili DeBarbieri The History Press Author lilidebarbieri@gmail.com (843)577-5971 Masters in Library and Information Science Art History; Film; History; Travel
Dr. Grace Peña Delgado University of California, Santa Cruz Associate Professor of History gpdelgad@ucsc.edu (831) 459-2738 Ph.D. History; C.Phil History; M.A. History North American Border-Making Processes; Chinese in the Americas; Sexuality and Morals Policing; Diasporas and Transnationalism; Nationalism
Ms. Alison Hawthorne Deming University of Arizona Agnese Nelms Haury Chair of Environment and Social Justice ademing@email.arizona.edu (520) 626-0799 M.F.A in Poetry Poetry; Essay
Dr. Bruce Dinges Arizona Historical Society Director of Publications bdinges@azhs.gov (520) 617-1160 Ph.D. US History; M.A. US History; B.A. US History Civil War and Frontier Military History; Arizona and Southwest History and Literature
Dr. Jeffrey Downard Northern Arizona University Associate Professor of Philosophy jeffrey.downard@nau.edu (928) 523-8354 J.D. Law; Ph.D. Philosophy; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Philosophy and Zoology Ethics, Aesthetics & Philosophy of Law
Doreen Duncan Yellow Bird Productions - Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation of North Dakota Manager Yellow Bird Productions n@veways@AOL.com (480) 695 2478 B.A. Education Ambassador of Authentic Native American Culture; Authentic Native American Dance
Dr. Alain-Philippe Durand University of Arizona Director, School of International Languages/Literatures and Cultures adurand@email.arizona.edu 9520) 621-5452 Ph.D. French Literature; M.A. Latin American Studies; M.A. French Literature; B.A. French, Spanish and Business Administration Contemporary Novel; French Cinema; Hip Hop Culture; Cultural and Literacy Theory and Criticism
Steve Elliott Arizona State University Editor in Chief - The Embryo Project Stephen.Elliott@asu.edu (480) 510-4938 M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication; Ph.D. Biology and Society (in progress) History and Philosophy of Evolutionary Theory
Prof. Larry Edmonds Arizona State University Lecturer/Honors Faculty Larry.Edmonds@asu.edu (623) 434-2357 M.A. Human Communication; Ph.D. Progress in Educational Leadership and Innovation Performance Studies; Education; Communication
Dr. Mark Elson School of Anthropology, University of Arizona Adjunct Associate Professor melson@desert.com (520) 881-2244 Ph.D. Anthropology (Archaeology) Archaeology of the U.S. Southwest; Archaeology of Disasters
Jim Enote A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center Director jimenote@mac.com (505) 782-4403 B.S. Agriculture; Zuni Zuni Culture; Land and Water Conservation; Protection of Native Cultures; Zuni Language, Religion, History, and World Views
Prof. Betsy Fahlman Arizona State University Professor of Art History fahlman@asu.edu (480) 965-2610 Ph.D. Art History Art History of Arizona; American Art; Art of the American West; Public Art; Museums; Women Artists
Lisa Falk Arizona State Museum, University of AZ Head-Community Engagement falk@email.arizona.edu (520) 626-2973 MAT Museum Education; B.A. Sociology - Anthropology Oral History; Museum Exhibits and Programming
Raya Fand Tucson Area Wiccan-Pagan Network (TAWN) Priestess fand1@cox.net 9520) 622-8462 M.A. English; B.A. Anthropology Representative of the Wiccan Religion
Mr. Dan Fellner Arizona State University Faculty Associate dan.fellner@asu.edu (480) 326-3756 M.A. Journalism Journalism
Lucretia Free The Vail Voice Publisher Owner lucretia_free@yahoo.com (520) 490-0654 M.B.A. Business Administration; B.S. Marketing Marketing Research; Principles of Marketing; Public Relations
Dr. Paul Friedman University of Kansas Professor Emeritus friedman@ku.edu (928)282-1541 Ph.D. Speech Communication Rhetoric, Drama, Leadership, Conflict Resolution
Ron Garnanez Dine Be' Iina Inc. Culture & History Scholar singingloom4@yahoo.com (505) 716-7580 Navajo Fiber Artist; Shepherd; Navajo Culture Educator
Prof. Donald G. Godfrey Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication Professor Emeritus godfreydon@cox.net (480) 926-8012 Ph.D. Speech Communication, M.S. Telecommunication and Journalism Media; Media History; Media Pioneers; Media Criticism
Dr. Reba Wells Grandrud Sunnyslope Historical Society rgrandrud@cox.net (602) 992-0339 Ph.D. History of the American West; M.S. Southwest History; B.S. Education State and Local History; Historic Preservation; Oral History Practice and Training
Dr. Brian Gratton ASU History (Retired) Professor of History, Ret. brian@asu.edu (602) 300-9379 Ph.D. in American History American History
Dr. Matthew Goodwin Northern Arizona University Lecturer Matthew.Goodwin@nau.edu (928) 380-1682 Ph.D. Philosophy; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Philosophy and English Phenomenology, Aesthetics, 20th Century Philosophy, Asian Philosophy
Dr. Lauren Harris Arizona State University Assistant Professor lauren.harris.1@asu.edu (734) 846-6477 Ph.D. Educational Studies (Emphasis in History Education); M.ED. Secondary Social Studies in Education; B.A. History K-12 Education; Connecting Work Done in Universities to High School Classrooms; Professional Development Workshops for Teachers
Dr. Paul Hirt Arizona State University Professor of History and Sustainability paul.hirt@asu.edu (520) 404-6392 Ph.D. History American West; Global Environmental History; Environmental Policy and Sustainability Studies
Kahlil Hudson Metal Road / Aboriginal Lens Director of Photography kahlil.hudson@gmail.com (631) 974-4094 M.F.A.; Tlingit Film; Photography
Marcie Hutchinson Arizona State University, SHPRS Director of K-12 Initiatives marcie.hutchinson@asu.edu (602) 363-6429 M.A. History; B.A. Secondary Education (Social Studies) History; Secondary Education; Connecting Secondary Educators to ASU Education Projects
Sanora Isaac Tuba City Unified School District #15 Principal sanoraisaac@yahoo.com (928) 209-0584 M.A. Educational Leadership; Navajo Dine Educator and Leader; Fluent Navajo Speaker
Dr. Michelle Iwen Arizona State University, Department of English and Origins Project Assistant Director of Educational Content and Programs michelle.iwen@asu.edu (480) 965-4990 Ph.D. in Critical and Cultural Theory, M.F.A. in Creative Writing Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Creative Writing
Dr. Janice Jarrett Vocal Technique Studio and JJJazz jjjazz@mac.com (520) 888-2690 Ph.D. Ethnomusicology, M.A. World Music, B.A. Music, Voice & Composition Music; Music in Cultures; Music and the Brain; Healing, Creativity & Math
Dr. Barbara Jaquay Independent Researcher bjaquay@hotmail.com (623) 670-1129 Ph.D. Historical Geography History; Geography; Land Use
Joseph Joaquin Tohono O'odham Nation Cultural Affairs Office; Tohono O'odham Nation joseph.joaquin@tonation-nsn.gov (520) 383-3622 B.A. Education; Tohono O'odham Nation Tohono O’odham Cultural Affairs Advocacy; Tribal Cultural Sensitivity Training; Tribal, State, and Federal Legislative Lobbying for Tribal Archaeological Collections Integrity
Jennifer Joseph Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Cultural Educator/Language Interpreter hotevillajonnie@yahoo.com (928) 637-3828 AFA Institute of American Indian Arts; Hopi Hopi History, Culture and Traditions
Jennifer Juan Tohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum Museum Specialist jennifer.juan@tonation-nsn.gov (520) 383-0200 Tohono O'odham Nation Museum Studies
Roy Kady Dine be iina Inc./Navajo Lifeway Master Sheep Herder/Fiber Artist roykady@frontier.com (505) 330-4816 Dine Master Sheep Herder; Fiber Artist
Prof. Susan Karant-Nunn University of Arizona, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies Regents' Professor of History karantnu@email.arizona.edu (520) 621-1284 Ph.D. History; M.A. Medieval & Early Modern European History; B.A. Religion Early modern Europe; Reformation History
Ms. Rula Khalidi Muslim Community Center of Tucson rnkhalidi@yahoo.com (520) 275-5230 M.S. International Extension Education; B.S. Nursing; B.S. Horticulture History of Islam; Women and Islam
Sat Bir Kaur Khalsa Culture of Peace Alliance khalsa@dakotacom.net (520) 490-1165 M.A. Women's Studies Sikh Minister; Women's Studies
Prof. Frederick Kiefer University of Arizona Professor of English fkiefer@email.arizona.edu (520) 396-0987 Ph.D. English Shakespeare
Dr. Sally Kitch Arizona State University Center Director & Regents Professor Institute Humanities Research Sally.Kitch@asu.edu (480) 965-3000 Ph.D. Cultural Studies; M.A. Committee on Studies in the Humanities; B.A. English Gender Studies; Feminist Theory; The Intellectual History of Gender and Racial Ideology; Theories of Transdisciplinary; Gender Representation in Visual and Narrative Culture
Ms. Janice Klein Museum Association of Arizona Executive Director jkhm@mindspring.com (312) 310-9798 M.A. History; Ph.D. (ABD) Anthropology Museum Studies; Anthropology; Archaeology; History
Ms. Erin Koester Tusell The Hills School & Atelier erin.koester@msu.montana.edu (602)952-2616 M.A. Native American Studies, B.A. Art History, Certificate of Professional Photography American Indian Studies; American Studies; History of Photography
Dr. Robert Kraft Eastern Michigan University Emeritus Professor paterfamiliasbob@msn.com (734)487-1849 Ph.D. English Language and Literature Educational Pedagogy
Prof. Bjorn Krondorfer Martin-Springer Institute, Northern Arizona University Director and Endowed Professor bjorn.krondorfer@nau.edu (928) 523-5029 Ph.D. Comparative Religious Studies Religious Fundamentalism; History and Memory of Holocaust; Postwar Germany; Historical Trauma; Reconciliation and the Arts; Religion and Gender
Dr. Karen Leong Arizona State University Associate Professor; Head of Faculty, APAS Karen.Leong@asu.edu (480) 775-6625 Ph.D. History; M.A. History; B.A. History History; Asian American History; US Immigration History
Richard Lerman Arizona State University Professor Media and Digital Arts rlerman@mainex1.asu.edu (602) 543-6036 M.F.A. Film/Theater Arts; B.A. Music Film/Theater; Music; Composition; Film/Video; Installation and Performance Art
Prof. Ute Lotz-Heumann University of Arizona, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies Heiko A. Oberman Professor ulotzh@email.arizona.edu (520) 626-9193 Ph.D. History; Habilitation in History (Germany); Staatsexamen [equivalent to M.A.] in History and English (Germany) Early modern Europe; Reformation History
Dr. Joe Lockard Arizona State University Associate Professor Joe.Lockard@asu.edu (480) 820-5952 Ph.D. English American Literature; African American Literature; Prison Literature
Colleen Lucero The Hopi Harvey Project Project Manager hopi.harveyproject@gmail.com (928) 734-2550 B.F.A. Museum Studies; Hopi Museum Collections and Exhibits; The Hopi Harvey Project
Dr. Linda Lumsden University of Arizona Associate Professor lumsden@email.arizona.edu (520) 243-0533 Ph.D. Mass Communication; M.A. Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism; B.A. Sociology Mass Communication; Journalism History; Women's Journalism History; Progressive Era; American Women's Suffrage History
Ms. Ann-Mary Lutzick Old Trails Museum/Winslow Historical Society Director info@oldtrailsmuseum.org (928) 289-5861 MA History/Public History History; Fred Harvey History; Winslow History; Nonprofit Management
Kate MacCord Arizona State University Project Coordinator kmaccord@asu.edu (480) 727-8681 M.Phil. Anthropology History and Philosophy of Developmental Biology; Anthropology
Dr. Joshua MacFadyen Arizona State University Assistant Professor Joshua.MacFadyen@asu.edu (480) 965-2429 Ph.D. History Environmental History; Sustainability
Dr. Christine Marin Arizona State University Professor Emeritus Arizona State University Christine.Marin@asu.edu (480) 834-3833 Ph.D. History Southwest History; Arizona History; Mexican American/Latino and Latina History of Arizona; Social History of Copper Mining Towns in Arizona
Ken McCown Iowa State University Chair, Professor kenmccown@gmail.com (323) 620-3539 M.Arch. Architecture; B.A. Landscape Architecture Infrastructure and the Factors that Create an Identity of Place
Dr. Joan McGregor Arizona State University Professor of Philosophy joan.mcgregor@asu.edu (602) 432-2664 Ph.D. Philosophy Bioethics; Environmental Ethics; Sustainability; Legal Philosophy; Ethics of Emerging Technologies, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science
Ms. Tammie McKenzie Malone University Director of Theater tmckenzie@malone.edu (480) 471-8226 MFA Acting Theater; Acting
Mr. Gregory McNamee Sonora Wordworks Director gregorymcnamee@gmail.com (520) 615-7955 M.A. English Literature; Folklore
Mr. James McPherson Arizona Preservation Foundation Board President info@azpreservation.org (602) 418-7807 M.A. Public Administration (Specialization in Historic Preservation Administration) Historic Preservation; Adaptive Reuse; Downtown Phoenix
Dr. Mary Melcher Sharlot Hall Museum Education Program Manager marymelcher3@gmail.com (928) 45-3122, ext. 29 Ph.D. History American History; Women's History; American West History; Oral Histories; Museum Exhibit and Public Programming
Mr. David Miller Glendale Community College, ENG/RDG/JRN Dept. Department Chair david.miller@gccaz.edu (623) 845-3707 M.A. ENG/TESOL Chicano Literature, Hispanic Film, Hispanic Heritage, Latin American and Spanish Cultural Studies
Dr. Wanda Mills-Bocachica (In)Fusion Design wmbconsulting@gmail.com (602) 418-8890 Ph.D. in Urban Planning; MUP Urban Planning; B.S. Architecture Interpreting the History and Cultural Landscape of Urban Spaces
Dr. Francoise Mirguet Arizona State University Assistant Professor Francoise.Mirguet@asu.edu (480) 965-2663 Ph.D. Biblical Studies Ancient Jewish Literature; Biblical Literature
Ana Montoya Tohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum Museum Specialist - Education & Artistic Services ana.montoya@tonation-nsn.gov (520) 383-0200 M.A. Education; B.A. Art History Art History; Education; Museumology
Dr. Erin Morris South Mountain Community College Adjunct Faculty erin.morris@hotmail.com (602) 390-2155 Ed.D. Higher and Postsecondary Education; M.A. Humanities History, Art History
Elroy Natachu Jr. Natachu Ink Zuni Artisan Natachuink@gmail.com (505) 728-8289 A.A. Art Studio; Zuni Pueblo Zuni Artist; Oral Tradition; Passing on of Knowledge with Stories
Dr. Don Nilsen Arizona State University Emeritus College Professor Emeritus of Linguistics Don.Nilsen@asu.edu (480) 968-1709 Ph.D. Linguistics Symbolism (National, Military, Religious, Sports, and Games); Symbolic Shapes (Flags, Names, and Colors); Humor and Iconicity in Music
Dr. Alleen Nilsen Arizona State University Emeritus College Professor Emeritus of English Alleen.Nilsen@asu.edu (480) 968-1709 Ph.D. English Education Women School Teachers in Frontier Arizona; The Influence of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland on Contemporary American Communication
Dr. Youg Kyun Oh Arizona State University, School of International Letters and Cultures Associate Professor of Chinese and Sino-Korean youngoh@asu.edu (480) 440-0779 Ph.D. East Asian Languages and Literature; M.A. Chinese; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Philosophy History of Chinese and East Asian Languages; History of East Asian Books; Sinitic Cultural Tradition
Erica O'Neil Arizona State University Ph.D. Candidate eloneil@asu.edu (623) 680-8309 M.S. Biology; B.A. Anthropology; B.A. History; Ph.D. Biology and Society (in progress); Graduate Certificate in Non-Fiction Writing and Publishing (in progress) History of Medicine; Digital Humanities; Digital and Computational History; Science Communication
Ms. Beth Orozco Cochise College College English Instructor colburnb@cochise.edu (520) 364-7943 MFA Creative Writing Creative Writing in Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry
Dr. Simon Ortiz Arizona State University Regents Professor of English and American Indian Studies Simon.Ortiz@asu.edu (602) 438-9325 Dr. of Letters, University of New Mexico (Honorary); Acoma Pueblo Indigenous American Literature; Creative Writing (Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Children's Literature); Decolonization of Indigenous people's land, culture, and community with a literary perspective
Dr. Heidi Osselaer Arizona State University Faculty osselaer11@cox.net (602) 319-5486 Ph.D. History; M.A. History; B.A. History Arizona History Emphasis on Women's History
Ms. Peggy Ottens Cochise College (Willcox Campus) Instructor Film Arts 3greyts@gmail.com (520) 507-3689 M.A. Humanities Art History, Literature, Film, Cinema
Dr. Mary Ownby Desert Archaeology Inc./University of Arizona Research Petrographer/Associate Researcher mary@desert.com (520) 289-6009 Ph.D. Archaeology; M.Sc. Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials; M.S. Egyptian Archaeology; B.A. Anthropology Archaeology; Anthropology; Archaeological Ceramic Studies
Dr. Leighton Peterson Miami University Associate Professor leighton@tricksterfilms.com (513) 529-1422 Ph.D. Anthropology; M.A. Anthropology; B.A. Anthropology Anthropology; Filmmaking
Ms. Robin Pinto Independent Cultural Landscape Historian rpinto@email.arizona.edu (520) 403-4064 Ph.D. Natural Resources and History, MLA Landscape Architecture; M.S. Biological Oceanography Early Settlement and Homesteading; Civilian Conservation Corps and New Deal Work Programs; History of Ranching; History of Federal Land Management
Dr. Nicole Piemonte Arizona State University Postdoctoral Associate Lincoln Center Applied Ethics nicole.piemonte@asu.edu (480) 727-3690 Ph.D. Medical Humanities; M.A. Communication Studies and Advocacy; B.A. English Medical Humanities; Medical Ethics; Medical Epistemology and Pedagogy; Literature and Medicine; Existential Philosophy and Phenomenology; Critical Social Theory
Michael Popejoy Coconino Community College Part-Time Faculty m.a.popejoy@gmail.com (630) 747-6675 M.A. Philosophy; (PhD candidate) Philosophy
Curtis Quam A:shiwi A:wan Museum & Heritage Center Zuni Festival of Arts and Culture museum_curtis@yahoo.com (505) 782-4403 Zuni Zuni Emergence and Migration History; Zuni Language, Religion, History and World Views
Dr. Robin Reineke Colibrí Center for Human Rights Executive Director rreineke@email.arizona.edu (206) 853-9951 M.A. Anthropology; B.A. Anthropology; Ph.D. Anthropology (in Progress) Anthropology; Activist; Migrant Rights
Dr. Michael Reinschmidt Tohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum Museum Administrator michael.reinschmidt@tonation-nsn.gov (520) 383-0200 Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology/Ethnohistory; Tohono O'odham Nation Anthropology; Ethnohistory; Museumology; Tohono O'odham Culture and Cultural Representations
Aleta Ringlero Independent Scholar Art Historian azindn@gmail.com (480) 423-8479 M.A. Interdisciplinary Humanities; B.A. Art History; Ph.D. Art History (in Progress); Salt River Pima Indian Community Art History; Native Contemporary Art Production; Museum Exhibitions
Alberto Rios Arizona State University Regent's Professor Alberto.Rios@asu.edu (480) 965-3800 M.F.A. Creative Writing; B.A. Psychology; B.A. English and Creative Writing Poetry
Dr. Jana Rivers-Norton Cochise College Full Time English & Literature Instructor nortonj@cochise.edu (520) 377-3249 Ph.D. Clinical Inquiry/Human Sciences; M.A. in English Literature; B.A. English Creative Writing; Literary Studies; Narrative as Mode of Inquiry; Myth & Folk Lore; Trauma & Memory Studies
Dr. Jason Robert Arizona State University Center Director & Associate Professor Lincoln Center Applied Ethics jason.robert@asu.edu (480) 727-2460 Ph.D. Philosophy Bioethics; Philosophy of Biology
Dr. Duane Roen Arizona State University Professor, Dean and Vice Provost Duane.Roen@asu.edu (480) 727-6513 Ph.D. English Education; M.St. English Education; B.S. English Education Collaborative Writing; Composition Theory, Literary Theory, Linguistics; Rhetorical Theory; Emphasis on how people learn to write and how teachers can help students learn to write
Dr. Michael Rubinoff Interdisciplinary Studies Program/Arizona State University Lecturer mrubinoff@asu.edu (480) 965-7971 Ph.D. History American History; Modern Jewish Studies/Jews in the American West
Dr. Rene Saldana Jr. Texas Tech University Associate Professor rene.saldana@hotmail.com (806) 283-7080 Ph.D. English/Creative Writing; M.A. English; B.A. English/Creative Writing Writer of Young Adult Fiction
Dr. Linda Samuels Washington University in St. Louis Associate Professor lcsamuels@wustl.edu (704) 408-8101 Ph.D. Urban Planning; M. Arch. Architecture; B.A. Design Architecture; Urban Planning; Developing Next Generation Infrastructure Solutions to Local, State, and Regional Infrastructural Problems
Dr. Manisha Sharma The University of Arizona, School of Art Assistant Professor, Art visualinks@gmail.com (520) 621-7034 Ph.D. Art Education; M.A. Art Education; B.F.A. Applied Art Art and Visual Culture Education; Art Education with Civil Engagement Ideologies
Dr. Seth Schermerhorn Hamilton College Religious Studies Department jscherme@hamilton.edu (315) 859-4960 Ph.D. Religious Studies; M.A. Religious Studies; B.A. Anthropology and History Religious Studies; Native American Cultures
Ms. Adrienne Schiffner Rio Salado Community College Adjunct Professor aschiffner@aol.com (602) 952-1375 M.A. Art History Art History; Frank Lloyd Wright
Dr. David Schildkret Arizona State University School of Music Professor of Choral Music, Director of Choral Activities david.schildkret@gmail.com (480) 634-4242 M.M. Choral Conducting; D.M.A. Choral Conducting Music and the Arts; Music and Humor; Choral Music; Opera
Beverly Seckinger University of Arizona Professor, School of Theatre, Film & Television bsecking@email.arizona.edu (520)621-1239 M.F.A. Radio-Television-Film; M.A. Anthropology; B.A. English and French Documentary Production; Documentary Studies; LGBT Studies
Susan Sekaquaptewa Secakuku Consulting Consultant secakuku@hopitelecom.net (928) 606-6285 M.A. Museum Studies; B.S. Community Development; Hopi Museum Studies; Modern Issues of Food Resiliency; Museum Services and Independent Cultural Projects within and about the Hopi Tribe
Dr. Deni Seymour Jornada Research Institute denijseymour@aol.com (505)934-3364 Ph.D. Anthropology, M.A. Anthropology, B.A. Anthropology, B.A. Environmental Studies Historic Native American and Spanish Colonial Archaeology and Ethnohistory; Battlefield Archaeology; Environmental Change from a Historical and Archaeological Perspective; Gender in the Archaeological Record
Dr. Michael Simeone Arizona State University, Nexus Lab for Digital Humanities Director, Assistant Research Professor michael.simeone@asu.edu (217) 377-0850 Ph.D. English Date Management; Web Infrastructure
Bernard Siquieros Tohono O'odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum Curator of Education Bernard.siquieros@tonation-nsn.gov (520) 383-0200 B.A. Education; Tohono O'odham Nation Tohono O'odam Culture
Dr. David Soren University of Arizona Regents Professor Anthropology/Classics soren@email.arizona.edu (520) 621-5013 Ph.D. Classical Archaeology; M.A. Fine Arts; B.A. Greek and Roman Studies Classical Archaeology; Art and Cultural Identity; Art and Patrimony
Mr. John Southard City of Tempe Historic Preservation Office Tempe Historic Preservation Officer john_southard@tempe.gov (480) 350-8870 M.A. History Arizona History; Phoenix Metro Area History; Historic Preservation
Katherine Standefer University of Arizona College of Medicine University of Arizona Department of Medical Humanities kestandefer@email.arizona.edu (847) 544-8946 M.F.A. Creative Nonfiction Writing; B.A. Sociology; B.A. Narrative Medicine; Illness Narratives; Sexuality Education; Creative Writing; Sex Writing; Consent
Dr. Melanie Sturgeon State Library, Archives and Public Records State Archivist msturgeon@azlibrary.gov (602) 926-3729 Ph.D. History; M.A. History Historian; Oral Historian; Archivist
Dr. Michelle Tellez Northern Arizona University Senior Lecturer michelle.tellez@nau.edu (928) 523-1144 Ph.D. Education, M.A. Sociology and Education, B.A. Sociology with specialization in Chicana/o Studies Chicana Feminism; Migration; Human Rights; U.S./Mexico Border; Globalization; Community; Transnationalism; Social Justice; Identity; Mothering
Dr. Michael Tueller Arizona State University, School of International Letters & Cultures Associate Professor of the Classics mike_tueller@asu.edu (602) 501-4011 Ph.D. Classical Philology Classics; Ancient Greek; Latin
Prof. Laura Tohe Arizona State University, English Professor l.tohe@asu.edu (480)-965-5553 Ph.D. English, M.A. English, B.A. Psychology Navajo; Navajo Code Talkers; Indigenous Women
Dr. Philip Vander Meer History Faculty, Arizona State University Professor p.vander.meer@asu.edu (480) 965-5162 Ph.D. History Phoenix and Arizona History; Political Leadership; Urban History; 20th Century American History
Dr. Jonathan Vance Northern Arizona University Faculty Jona.Vance@nau.edu (616) 581-0401 Ph.D. Philosophy; M.A. Philosophy; B.A. Philosophy Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Ethics
Dr. Santos Vega Arizona State University Emeritus scholar. Hispanic Research Center, Emeritus College sanvega@aol.com (480) 966-5902 Ph.D. Education, M.A. Theology Adult Education Workshops; Religious Presentations; Oral Histories
Dr. Selso Villegas Tohono O'odham Nation Director, Water Resources Department Selso.Villegas@tonation-nsn.gov (520) 383-2362 Ph.D. Science; Tohono O'odham Activism for Tribal Communities; Environmental and Community Issues in Tribal Communities
Dr. Vince Waldron Arizona State University Professor Vincew@asu.edmail (623)670-6500 Ph.D. Communication Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Families, Communities, and Societies; Lifespan Changes in Marriages; Resilient Relationships
Francis Waln Dream Warriors Hip Hop Artist franciswaln@gmail.com (605) 828-3181 B.A. Audio Arts and Acoustics; Sicangu Lakota Musician; Artist; Activist; Music as Activism
Ms. Liz Warren South Mountain Community College Faculty Director of the South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute liz.warren@southmountaincc.edu (602) 243-8026 M.A. in Anthropology Traditional Storytelling; Modern Storytelling Movement; Application of Storytelling; Storytelling in Arizona
Della Warrior Museum of Indian Arts and Culture Director della.warrior@state.nm.us (505) 231-3003 M.Ed.; Otoe-Missouria Activism for Tribal Communities
Dr. Robin Weeks Yavapai College robin.weeks@yc.edu (928)649-4270 Ph.D. Geophysics; M.A. Religious Studies Earth Sciences
Wendy Weston Native Heart, Inc. Cultural Consultant navamommi@gmail.com (480) 200-3270 Post Graduate Studies in Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies; B.S. Political Science; Navajo Navajo Educator
Arthur Wilson Tohono O'odham Legislative Council (TOLC) Chairman, Cultural Preservation Committee Arthur.wilson@tonation-nsn.gov (520) 383-1059 Tohono O'odham Nation Tohono O'odam Culture
Dr. Ann Yellott Culture of Peace Alliance Co-Founder azyellott@gmail.com 9520) 991-6781 Ph.D. Psychology Peace Studies
Jay Youngdahl San Francisco State University Visiting Scholar jyoungdahl@youngdahl.com (505) 269-1489 M.Div. Divinity; M.A. General Liberal Arts; J.D. Law; B.S. Economics Law; Law and Civil Society