Early last month, Brenda Thomson, Executive Director of Arizona Humanities, was recognized as one of InBusiness Magazine’s 2018 Women of Achievement. The award luncheon took place on October 5, 2018, at the Arizona Biltmore, where 14 Arizona business and community leaders were honored for their “varied strengths [as] part of the mesh that binds and supports the greater community and attests to the collective achievement of women in business.”
As one of six awardees highlighted to express what being a woman of achievement means to them, Brenda Thomson shared powerful stories of her first lessons in advocacy, including how her mother stood up for her when her elementary school wouldn’t let her read a short essay about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his birthday:
“I was looking down at my desk and really doing the best that I could not to cry and then all of a sudden I heard somebody over the intercom talking about Martin Luther King. It was my mother. How’s that possible? I’m sure she probably violated every possible traffic law and must have driven there at 90 miles an hour to make sure the people of Parker Elementary School got to learn about an extremely important man for all of us-Martin Luther King.”
Hundreds attended the award luncheon, including three tables-worth of friends and supporters of Arizona Humanities, to celebrate the award recipients, commend the incredible work they are doing, and experience an afternoon of empowerment and inspiration.
The luncheon closed with Brenda offering advice and an appeal:
“You don’t have to go to law school to be an advocate. I learned how to be an advocate almost every day of my life because of the people who advocated for me… Who do I advocate for? Humanity. Join me.”
You can watch Brenda’s full speech here: https://youtu.be/a3nk2t2oE-8.
You can read more about Brenda Thomson and the amazing work she’s doing leading Arizona Humanities here: http://inbusinessphx.com/in-business/brenda-thomson.

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