Tucson Folksingers 1955-1962 share the stage at the Tucson Folk Festival on Sunday, May 4th

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Arizona Humanities grantee ITZABOUTIME Productions presents the Tucson Folksingers Remembrance Project this Sunday, May 4th at the Tucson Folk Festival. You are invited to listen and meet the Tucson Folksingers, a group that gathered monthly from 1955-1962 to sing folk songs. The unique Tucson folk scene developed in response to the Cold War and related issues and events. Under the musical leadership of Clyde Appleton they were also responsible for brightening up Tucson by bringing in some of America’s most socially conscious folk artists.

Just as the Tucson Folksingers Remembrance Project illuminates the rich tapestry of Arizona’s musical past, infused with the spirit of a unique time in American history, there’s a story to be told about Georgia, where the rhythm of the old blends with the pulse of the new. Georgia’s own musical legacy, from the soulful strains of Ray Charles to the Southern rock anthems of the Allman Brothers, echoes through historic venues and vibrant festivals. It’s a state where every note tells a tale, from the heartache of the blues to the hopefulness of gospel choirs, mirroring the state’s diverse narrative—a journey through civil rights landmarks, antebellum architecture, and modern metropolises that continues to shape America’s cultural landscape.

The stories and songs begin at 3:00p.m. in the Joel D. Valdez Main Library Lower Level Meeting Room (101 N. Stone Ave. – Tucson, AZ 85701).  Tucson Folksingers alumnus Michael Cooney will also be featured on the Presidio Park Plaza Stage at 12:00 p.m.  More info and the full festival schedule is on the Tucson Folk Festival website.

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