Chiles & Chocolate: Sweet and Spicy Foods in the American West with Christine Glenn/Sandy Sunseri

Verde Valley Archaeology Center 460 W Finnie Flat Road, Camp Verde, AZ, United States

Come have a taste of the rich and savory history of these food favorites, explore how early peoples used them, and how they have evolved and spread to all corners of the world. Food is a portal into culture and can convey a range of cultural meaning including occasion, social status, ethnicity, and wealth depending […]


More than Pocahontas and Squaws: Indigenous Women Coming into Visibility with Laura Tohe

Tempe Public Library-Desert Willow Program Room 3500 South Rural Road, Tempe, AZ, United States

This visual presentation shows how Indigenous American women have contributed service to Arizona and the US, yet were stereotyped in films and remain invisible in the media. Nevertheless, they have been honored in all areas of public service—law, medicine, literature, military and activism with awards such as, the Presidential Freedom, the McArthur (genius award), the […]


What Music Can Do for Your Well-Being: The Latest Research with Janice Jarrett

Oak Wood Country Club 24218 S Oakwood Blvd, Sun Lakes, AZ, United States

What can we do to enhance quality of life? What can we do to sharpen cognitive capability and function, cope, and age better? Music Therapy has a long tradition, and the range of effective music-related therapies for pain relief and healing injuries are still growing. Studies that confirm music’s range of benefits appear in scientific […]


Saviors and Saints on the Arizona Frontier with Jan Cleere

McFarland State Historic Park 24 W. Ruggles St, Florence, AZ, United States

Health care in early Arizona was hardly reliable and frequently nonexistent. Often, settlers were on their own when tragedy struck with women taking on the responsibility for the well-being of their families. And if women were considered incapable of earning the title “Doctor,” they could certainly save souls. Meet a handful of women who influenced […]


Writers of the Purple Sage with Jim Turner

Superstition Mountain Museum 4087 N. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ, United States

This presentation covers five Arizona novelists: Zane Grey spent his honeymoon at the Grand Canyon and went on to be one of the first and most famous Western writers of all time; Harold Bell Wright came to Tucson with lung problems and became a bestseller from 1900 to 1930. University of Arizona writing professor Richard […]


Women of the West: Untold Stories from American History with Jana Bommersbach

Safford City - Graham County Library 808 S. 7th Ave, Safford

Besides Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley, any Western women come to mind? Probably not—not because they weren’t just as important to settling the West, but because history was so focused on the goons and gunfighters, it forgot the women. So it’s a surprise that a 16 year-old Shoshone girl from Dakota Territory named Sacagawea would […]


Women’s Resilience and Survival in the Holocaust with Bjorn Krondorfer

Mesa Public Libraries - Main Branch - Saguaro Room --- 64 E. 1st St., Mesa, AZ, 85201 64 E. 1st Street, Mesa, AZ, United States

This talk will trace the lives of two women Holocaust survivors who both grew up in traditional Jewish families in Bedzin, Poland and later became residents of Arizona: Jane Lipski (Tucson) and Doris Martin (Flagstaff). They managed to survive the Nazi onslaught as adolescent girls. While Jane was able to escape the ghetto and join […]


They Beat the Heat: How Arizonans Survived the Desert Heat in the Days Before Air Conditioning with Christine Reid

Pueble Room, Monte Vista Village 8865 E. Baseline Road, Mesa, AZ, United States

Drawing from multi-cultural influences of the variety of people who helped build Arizona, discover how creative adaptations in lifestyle, architecture, building materials, town planning and even humor all contributed to surviving intense desert temperatures. What have we forgotten and what can we learn from the wisdom of those who came before as climate becomes a […]


The Grimms’ Fairy Tales with Dr. Albrecht Classen

Mohave Community College - Bullhead City Hargrove Library 3400 HWY 95 - 700 Building, Bullhead City, AZ, United States

No other collection of fairy tales has enjoyed such a popularity all over the world as the one by the Brothers Grimm. They were not newly composed by these two philologists, but collected from oral and written sources. Since the first anthology was published in 1812, the Grimms’ Fairy Tales have enjoyed a global success. […]


Following the Bugle: Military Wives on the Arizona Frontier with Jan Cleere

Pima County Public Library - Dunsberry Library 5605 E. River Rd., Ste. 105, Tucson, AZ, United States

When the US Army ordered troops into Arizona Territory in the 19th century to protect and defend newly established settlements, military men often brought their wives and families. Most of the women were from refined, eastern-bred families with little knowledge of the territory. Their letters, diaries, and journals from their years on army posts reveal […]


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