2016.01.26 - AZ Humanities - PSOTU - BW-89 - CopyIt has been a dry hot summer here in Arizona. The slightest spark can set off a fire that is not easy to put out, and causes massive damage to our homes and communities. Words are no different. The conversations have been heated, around politics, amongst legislators, between people and the police. It can be difficult to have a conversation when everyone is shouting, and no one is listening. And much like wild fires, when tempers flare, bridges between people that took years to build, can be destroyed in an instant. We do not have all the answers, but we do know that when people come together they can achieve almost anything. Our democracy, a government for the people, by the people is founded on these basic principles. Many voices, views and opinions shape our nation, formed for a common purpose, to protect the values dear to us of equality, liberty and freedom.  Democracy was not, and will never be a static goal. It takes hard work to protect and preserve it. Please remember that when you are talking, listening and learning from others as they share their experiences, that silence is not acquiesence. It takes patience to listen and hear from others. Anger and passion are not the same, but they are both reflections of concerns and frustrations. And finally, that despite our differences we have much in common. We care about our families and children, our communities, and our planet. We want to feel safe, be loved and treated with respect as we move about the world we share. Together we can. Together we will.

Originally posted in the August 2016 eNews

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