On Thursday, March 12th, Arizona Humanities founding Executive Director Lorraine W. Frank was inducted into the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame.

Arizona Humanities Board Members at the AZWHF Induction Ceremony

The afternoon was filled with celebration and recognition of the extraordinary accomplishments and the impact these trailblazers had in their neighborhoods, schools, communities, and the state of Arizona. The eight women honored were: Marietta Bryant, Daisy Moore, Lorraine W. Frank, Louise Foucar Marshall, Helen K. Mason, Lucy Sikorsky, M.D., Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and Elisabeth Ruffner. Brenda Thomson, Arizona Humanities Executive Director welcomed everyone to the ceremony. A local Girl Scout troop performed a Flag Ceremony and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Linda Williams from FOX 10 News was the emcee, and along with Secretary of State Michele Reagan, presided over the presentations to family members. Gretchen Frank, daughter of Lorraine W. Frank accepted the induction award and shared a phrase her mother Lorraine would say, “Bloom where you are planted.” Lorraine journeyed from back east and created a life in Arizona that made a substantial impact to cultural programs and civic engagement for all people in our state.

Thank you to our many board members who attended the ceremony – Gail Bradley, Tom Chapman, Anne Doyle, Carrie Gustavson, Dean George Justice, Dr. Laurel Kimball, Jaclyn Roessel, and Dianna Soe Myint! 

Click here to view photos from the Induction ceremony on our facebook page.

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