The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) announced $21.8 million in grants for 295 humanities projects in December 2015. Arizona Humanities congratulates the following recipients of NEH grants for projects taking place in Arizona.

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City of Phoenix Outright: $6,000
[Preservation Assistance Grants]
Project Director: Edward Lebow
Project Title: Preservation Assessment of the Phoenix Municipal Art Collection

Project Description: The preservation assessment of a collection of approximately 1,000
art objects, the majority of which are paper-based, such as photographs, prints, and
drawings. The collection also includes paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, baskets,
and mixed media. These items are presently displayed in municipal buildings as well as
in a volunteer-staffed gallery space in City Hall. In addition to assessing the city’s art
collections, the NEH-funded consultant would also provide a workshop to train city staff,
volunteers, and students who manage the collection, and advise on the purchase of data
loggers for environmental monitoring.


Michael Tueller Outright: $50,400
[Fellowships for University Teachers]
Arizona State University
Project Title: New Edition and Translation of Greek Epigrammatic Poetry

Project Description: The completion of volume 3 of the Loeb Classical Library series of
the Greek Anthology, a critical edition and translation of ancient Greek epigrammatic


Pima County Community College District Outright: $100,000
[Humanities Initiatives: HSIs]
Project Director: Brian Stewart
Project Title: Border Culture in the Classroom and the Public Square

Project Description: An eighteen-month interdisciplinary project on border culture for
faculty, students, and community, incorporating curriculum development, enhancement
of writing skills, and a public dialog program.

University of Arizona Outright: $4,243
[Preservation Assistance Grants]
Project Director: Wendy Burk
Project Title: Purchase of Preservation Supplies and Environmental Monitoring

Project Description: The purchase of preservation supplies and environmental
monitoring equipment for the center’s extensive collection of contemporary poetry,
photographs, broadsides and recordings.Included in the collection are 45,000 volumes
of poetry, 25,000 periodicals, 4,000 photographs, 400 broadsides, and 1,500 unique
recordings. The collection, which is particularly comprehensive in the field of
contemporary English-language poetry, is fully accessible and heavily used for scholarly
and pedagogical purposes in the university. The University of Arizona Poetry Center’s
collections also serve a broad spectrum of writers, readers, and researchers, including
members of the local community and scholars from around the world.

University of Arizona Match: $500,000
[Challenge Grants]
Project Director: Jack Mutchler
Project Title: La Busqueda, “The Search”
Project Description: Renovation of a donated property as home for La Búsqueda
(The Search), a Southwest focused humanities institute, as well as an endowment for
its activities.

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