FRANK Talks e ngage Arizona communities with ‘in the news’ topics for discussion at local libraries. Check out the topics below and request to host them at your local library.
FRANK Talks are free for libraries and made possible by a partnership between Arizona Humanities and the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records .
Questions? Contact Ellie Hutchison, Programs Manager at
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  • Energy in an Uncertain Worldwith Dr. Jennifer Richter
  • “Fake News”: The Impact of Fake News in the Real Worldwith Jamie Bowen
  • Immigrants and the American Dream: We the People Today and Tomorrow with Dr. T.J. Davis
  • Is This Racist? Racial Literacy and Social Media with Dr. Kathy Nakagawa
  • Local Democracy and Politics in Education: Does it help or hinder student achievement?with Dr. Carrie Sampson
  • Mothering & Conversations on Reproductive Health with Dr. Kathy Nakagawa
  • School Choice in Arizona with Dr. Angelina Castagno
  • Securing the Borders and Stopping Terrorism: A Constitutional Framework with Dr. T.J. Davis
  • Weaponized Narrative: Information Warfare as the New Battlespace with Dr. Braden Allenby
  • What is racial disproportionality in schools and why does it matter? with Dr. Angelina Castagno

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