Archaeology’s Deep Time Perspective on Environment and Social Sustainability with Allen Dart

Springerville Heritage Center 418 E. Main Stret, Springerville, AZ, United States

The deep time perspective that archaeology, geology, and related disciplines provide about natural hazards, environmental change, and societal development is often ignored when societies today make decisions affecting social sustainability and human safety. Studies of ancient peoples and natural events can help modern society deal with problems of environmental and social change, overpopulation, and sustainability. […]

Arizona Water Use from Prehistory to the Present with Jim Turner

Springville Heritage Center, Johnson-Udall Room 418 East Main Street, Springville, United States

This presentation covers humankind’s water use and food supply interactions with Arizona’s ecology from Clovis culture hunter-gatherers to prehistoric irrigation canals, contemporary Hopi and Tohono O’odham dry farming, and present-day American farmers. We will examine how overhunting and climate change affected the wooly mammoth populations and the agriculture experiments that followed. From early attempts to […]

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