Flying through Arizona: The Story of the First National Women’s Air Race with Natalie J. Stewart-Smith

Agave Library 23550 N. 36th Ave., Phoenix, AZ, United States

In 1929, the first national women’s air race from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio passed through Arizona. Stopping in Yuma, Phoenix, and Douglas, the intrepid fliers solidified their determination and sisterhood along these Arizona waypoints. Who were these aviators? What were their planes like in 1929? What challenges did they encounter along the way? […]


Jocks and Nerds: Stereotypes in Our Everyday Lives with Derek Keith

Phoenix Public Library - Ocotillo Branch 102 W Southern Ave, Phoenix, United States

What we imagine a “jock” or a “nerd” to be is shaped by media representations and popular culture. What people experience in their everyday lives, however, often differs from these representations, yet stereotypes are powerful. Stereotypes often lead to biases, or behavior in favor or against a group of people. Sometimes it is a conscious […]

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