Climate Conversations – Science Dance: Can Dance Move Us Toward Sustainability?

Virtual AZ, United States

Talking about the climate crisis and its impact on the planet and our communities is challenging. Is there a way to bring joy into the conversation? Can art and movement inspire hope and action? One innovative approach is science dance, a program that uses dance to express science concepts. Join marine sustainability scientist and dance […]

American-born: The Story of Scholar, Leader, and Advocate Rose Hum Lee with Dr. Li Yang

Virtual AZ, United States

Rose Hum Lee (1904-1964) was a renowned twentieth-century sociologist known for her studies of the Chinese in the United States. As an American-born daughter of Chinese immigrant parents, she offered a unique insider’s view of social structure and family life in American Chinatowns. Lee earned her doctorate at the University of Chicago in 1947 when […]

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