Originally from a small village in Montenegro, Rodo Sofranac lived in Salzburg, Austria before immigrating to the United States. Having experienced a diversity of cultures and languages from a young age, Sofranac developed a passion for reading, writing, and telling stories. He has worked with children for over 45 years, as a teacher, translator, and mentor. Rodo’s work in the community has earned him the Community Partner Outstanding Supporter Award, which he will receive at the 2019 Humanities Awards.

When asked to describe his creative journey, Rodo said, “What began as a difficult and frightening journey, bouncing from one country, culture, and language to another, and then another, has given me the confidence and sense of purpose to help others as they navigate their [own] journeys.”

The author of seven children’s books, including The Red Tail Tale on the Arizona Trail, Polly and the Peaputts, and Find Your Nose, Rodo hopes his work engages readers of all ages. “There is no such thing as children’s literature. People of all ages and languages, all those young at heart, can enjoy and hopefully grow from these stories.”

Rodo is an inspiration for readers and writers both in and out of Arizona. To learn more about Rodo’s work, visit rodowrites.com.

The author’s remarks have been edited for length and clarity.

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