Even though we are more than halfway through April, we have plenty of creative writing prompts to keep you inspired. Don’t miss our final two programs – April 21st with Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow and April 25th with J Mase III. Check out our National Poetry Month page for details. Have you been following us on twitter and instagram? Each day we post a new creative writing prompt to inspire YOU to write your own poetry. Follow the conversation at #AZpoetry. Click on an image below to enlarge.

April 11th

april 11th writing prompt


April 12th

april 12th writing prompt

April 13th

april 13th writing prompt

April 14th

april 14th writing prompt

April 15th

april 15th prompt

April 16th

april 16

April 17th

april 16th writing prompt

This photo comes from the Miami/Globe area. Write a poem about an object you would expect to find inside. 

April 18th

april 18th writing prompt

April 19th

april 19th writing prompt

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